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Xvid is introduced for the primary reason, which was maintaining the video quality of smaller file sizes. The positive point is, it has said to be the most preferred choice for sharing videos over the internet. But the negative point is, Xvid files cannot be played on Apple or any other device as the format is not supported. 

So, the best solution to play your Xvid files on every kind of portable device is to convert Xvid to MP4

MP4 is the best alternative as the format of the container contains video, audio, still images, and subtitles. Mainly, MP4 is a universal format that is capable of playing on all players and portable devices.

Why man needs to convert Xvid to MP4?

Technically, Xvid is a video codec library that follows the MPEG-4 video coding standards. Xvid is not a video format; it is a program that allows compressing and decompressing of the videos to MPEG-4 ASP. If the Xvid file is compressed, the file can retain the quality of the DVD without occupying much space on your disk. While using Xvid, the speed of file transferring is real quick. After discussing all the benefits above, there are various conditions when you need to convert Xvid to MP4 and some of them are listed below:

Xvid is not meant for Apple devices.

If you are very much into Apple devices, then, unfortunately, you will face disappointment because the format is not supported by any of the devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad). But one thing that you can download the Xvid files from the internet or get from other sources. If you wish to play on your Apple devices, the best solution is to convert Xvid to MP4 as Apple devices support MP4.

Many portable devices do not support Xvid.

Xvid is not supported by Apple devices, other portable devices, and video players. Thus, the Xvid content will be played on these portable players only if we convert Xvid into an MP4 format.

Xvid does not facilitate easy editing and other functions.

The format of the Xvid is not a common format, so it might not be supported by video editing and other tools. So, if you wish to edit or perform any other functions on your Xvid file, all you need to do is convert Xvid to MP4.


Part 1.Convert Xvid to mp4 online and unlimited

As we all know, desktop software has made an easy way for converting the files, but most of the tools are paid if we click further to use. So the best and free solution is, convert Xvid to MP4 online procedure as it is easy to find and they will be available for you whenever you need it.

All you have to do is search for the list of the online converters which convert Xvid to MP4 online in other file formats. The user would not be hustling while using the converter, and they support every sort of files like documents, PDF files, video, audio, and others. The program also supports adding files from multiple sources, including local PC, URL, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

How to do?

There are some smooth and easy steps of online tools, which will help you to convert Xvid to MP4 online. The online procedure is convenient and unpaid. Thus, the steps described below will show the way of converting Xvid to MP4.


First and foremost, open https://convert-to-mp3.com/ on your PC browser.


Then, click Select Files to Convert, and browse for desired Xvid file from PC.


Once the Xvid file is added, select MP4 as the output file, and click Convert.


And after the successful conversion, the file can be downloaded from the converter interface.

Part 2. Convert Xvid to mp4 free and unlimited

When you want to convert your respective file format, you look for many options on your desktop. But at last, we know that whenever we get stuck, the immediate and quick solution is to go online and check for the issue. 

We suggest you if you want to convert Xvid file to MP4 for free and unlimited usage go for the online procedure. The benefit of online tools is that they are free to use and all-time available. So, why to go for paid tools when you have an option to convert the file for free? Here are the steps are given below, which allows the files to convert Xvid to MP4 free and unlimited. The following steps are: 

How to convert xvid to mp4 for fee and unlimited? 


The basic step is to go to the link, and as soon as you see the opening page, you will see the +icon or drag, click on it and drop the XVID files to Online video converter.


Then open Convert all files to > Video/Audio list and choose your desired output format.


Then you will see a button tap on the CONVERT button to change XVID format.


Last, click the DOWNLOAD or Save to Dropbox button to download converted files.

Part 3.The Best way to convert Xvid to mp4 for Win/Mac

We are very familiar with Windows and Mac books these days. While sending or receiving files, some files cannot be supported on a particular device. Here, we have to find the best way to convert Xvid to MP4 for Windows/Mac. Aicoosoft Video Converter is an amazing and popular video converter with 30X faster conversion speed and the capability to convert videos in more than 1000+ formats. You can download, edit, compress, and record the video efficiently and easily. 

aicoosoft video converter

After reading the description, you must go through the key features of Aicoosoft video converter and then decide whether you want to try or not. The features are as given below: 

  • Convert: There are tons of formats that you can convert the video in any format you like.
  • Compress: The compression feature will let you compromise with the quality of the video.
  • Download: The downloading feature enables you to download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites. Also, it helps you to download HD videos, including 4K, 1080P, 720P, and more.

How to convert Xvid to mp4 with Aicoosoft


After installing the software in your system, choose the file that you wish to convert. You can simply drag and drop the file or click on the Add files button at the upper left corner.


Select the format to be converted, here mp4. The option is available at the right side of the program window.


Click on the convert button at the bottom right corner or beside each video to be converted.


Click on the folder icon at the bottom right to have access to the converted file.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I play Xvid files?

VLC Media Player is a popular and easiest solution for playing files with Xvid content. It also supports many multimedia container formats including AVI, MKV, and OGM, and can decode XviD without needing to install any additional software. Also, it will play AC3, MP3, or OGG Vorbis audio, meaning your audio should work too.

2. How do I get the XviD codec to work?

It is easy to play Xvid files using the Xvid codec, but make sure that the Xvid codec has been installed in the same directory route. Then, download and install the VLC on your computer(pc). Next, open VLC and load the Xvid video to the player, or you can simply drag the Xvid file to the program directly.

3. What is the XviD codec for Windows Media Player?

This codec is a media program that is primarily designed for Windows operating systems. It allows you to access, view, and play the majority of common media files. The XviD format is quite universal, so it will normally be required to avoid any playback issues.

4. Is Xvid codec safe?

Xvid is a very good avi codec, and yes, it is perfectly safe. Suppose you are interested in watching or/and making videos install a free program called Format Factory. It installs almost every codec, and you can freely play in the regular Windows media player.

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