FLV to MP4 Converter
  • Converts FLV to MP4 at an ease.

  • Customize and compress FLV format videos without loss of quality.

  • Uses professional and advanced R&D technology for the speedy conversion process.

  • More features: Downloader, Editor, Video Converter &Video Compressor

FLV refers to Flash Video File usually opened with VLC, Flash Player, or Web FLV Player, a standard video format embedded on internet videos found on Hulu, YouTube, and other websites. You can convert FLV to formats, including MOV, MP4, and GIF, etc. Then, what’s the point of converting FLV to MP4?

Well, some devices like iOS can't play FLV files. Another reason for conversion could be the opening of files due to some suffix issues. The MP4 format is more definite than FLV due to less quality loss and a high degree of compression. Keeping in mind all such aspects, people convert FLV to MP4.

So, let's get started with the conversion process and discussion of the 10 best free FLV to MP4 converters  without further ado.

  • Part 1: How do I convert FLV to MP4
  • Part 2: Top 9 Best FLV to MP4 converters

Part 1. How do I Convert FLV to MP4

Well, it's not that problematic to convert when you have the most reliable solution called Aicoosoft. Yes, Aicoosoft leads the technical solutions of video conversion, compression, editing, and whatnot. It will take hardly 1-2 minutes if you want to convert FLV to MP4 via Aicoosoft with users' complete data privacy. The presence of millions of users around the globe itself shows the brand recognition and trustworthiness.

Key Features of Aicoosoft

  • Aicoosoft can speedily convert FLV to MP4.
  • It uses advanced & professional R&D technology got the high-tech conversion process.
  • You can also customize and compress FLV format videos without loss of original quality.
  • Its other exclusive features consists of Video Editor, Downloader, and Video Compressor.
  • Most of all, the Aicoosoft Video Converter is famous among various persons including DVD users, Entertainment users, Home Video users, and Video Editing users.

How to use Aicoosoft Video Converter?

Aicoosoft is one of the top performers in online video conversion and can easily convert FLV to MP4 in seconds. Yes, you won’t be in any trouble while doing so! It has professional and advanced R&D technology. Aicoosoft is further known as best for editing, downloading, compressing, and recording.

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Aicoosoft Video Converter

Step1Add FLV files
After downlaoding a free version of Aicoosoft on PC, launch Aicoosoft software and add the FLV files.
Step2Choose output format
Choose the output format as "MP4" along with a resolution once the video file is loaded.
Step3Start file conversion
Enable GPU acceleration checkbox and hit the "Convert" button to start the process. 

Part 2. Top 9 best FLV to MP4 converters

Given below is a mix of free as well as paid FLV to MP4 converters available in the market.

1 - Flvto

Flvto is a free online converter consisting of various conversion aspects. It is mainly a YouTube converter, which means you can convert the YouTube format FLV easily to MP4. Also, this online tool is popular to convert YouTube videos into MP3. There are significantly fewer choices people used to use FLV for MP4 conversion. Therefore, Flvto may not be that compatible to convert FLV to MP4 in an efficient manner.

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Flvto

Step 1: Go to Flvto official site.

Step 2: Enter the FLV video link on the search box.

Step 3: Set the "Convert to" checkbox to MP4.
  • Excellent for YouTube video conversions
  • Simple user interface
  • An offline converter is also available
  • Not for uploading FLV videos
  • Lacck of format support

2 - Converto.io

Convert2mp3 is another online FLV to MP4 converter with less yet determined services of conversion. It is also known as one of the best YouTube's downloader. Unluckily, their site is full of ads and adult content which no one would like to be interrupted with. 

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Converto.io

Step 1: Enter the URL, https://www.converto.io/en8 on your browser.

Step 2: Copy and paste the FLV YouTube video link on the search box.

Step 3: Simply press Enter key to confirm conversion.
  • Both video downloader & converter
  • Online & free
  • Compatible with most other websites
  • Needs a video link
  • Lots of ads

3 - Cloudconvert

Cloudconvert is another free online converter with 200+ formats support. However, its free version is limited to an extent. You have to purchase the pricing plans to get that quality. Still, we feel that format support of 200+ in such pricing is less than Aicoosoft. Also, it is only for video conversion without any video compression or editing.

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Cloudconvert

Step 1: Go to https://cloudconvert.com/.

Step 2: Set the "Convert from" to FLV and "Convert to" MP4.

Step 3: Hit the Select File button to select the file.

Step 4: Tap the “Convert” option to start the process.
  • Free version also available
  • Simple user interface
  • Less format support, only for video conversion
  • Time consuming

4 - Zamzar

Zamzar is a free converter compatible with audios, videos, images, and ebooks. It supports various formats and popular conversions of FLV to MP4 as well. However, the website is only determined to modification without any advanced features. Furthermore, it doesn’t support any GPU acceleration or lossless quality for speedy conversion.

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Zamzar

Step 1: Go to https://www.zamzar.com/.

Step 2: Hit the Add Files button.

Step 3: Set “Convert to” at MP4 and hit the “Convert Now” button.
  • Various conversion aspects
  • Supports lost of formats
  • Lacks speed

5 - Convertfiles

As the name suggests, it is a file converter for audio, video, images, ebooks, drawing, etc. Convertfilestool comes with an easy user interface where you have to choose a local file, input format, and output format to get the task done. However, it is not a secure website and presented with lots of ads and adult content.

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Convertfiles

Step 1: Go to Convertfiles official link, and hit the "Choose a local file" button.

Step 2: Set the "input format" to FLV and "output format" to MP4.

Step 3: Hit the Convert button to confirm.
  • Various conversions support
  • Easy process
  • Time consuming
  • Lack of user security

6 - Freefileconvert

Freefileconvert is another best FLV to MP4 converter with a bit complicated user interface. The Freefileconvert is more focused on PDF aspect rather than video conversion. It supports almost 30 formats for the purpose.

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Freefileconvert

Step 1: Open https://www.freefileconvert.com/.

Step 2: Tap the Input file tab to choose your FLV file.

Step 2: Select the output format as MP4 and hit the Convert button to proceed.
  • Supports various conversions
  • Also consists of PDF tools
  • Free
  • Not highly compatible for video conversion

6 - Flv

Flv.com presents us with three FLV products, including an FLV downloader, an FLV converter, and an FLV player. It will help if you hit the FreeDownload button of the FLV converter to convert FLV to MP4. Its user interface is also pretty intuitive to consider. Well, there is the only limitation that you can only convert FLV files with less speed comparatively.

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Flv

Step 1: Download FLV Converter.

Step 2: Upload FLV file and set output format to MP4 to proceed.
  • Great FLV products
  • Pretty user interface
  • Time consuming

8 - Online-Convert

The Online-convert can easily convert videos to various formats including MP4. Well, their interface is bit sophisticated than other online tools. On the main window, you have got various kinds of converters including document converter, audio converter, software converter, and so on. 

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Online-Convert

Step 1: Go to https://www.online-convert.com/ and hit the Video Converter option.

Step 2: Select the target format as MP4 and click Go.

Step 3: Upload FLV files and start conversion.

  • Free
  • Great for MP3 and document conversions
  • Also consists of software converter
  • Lacks format support
  • Inefficeint video conversions

9 - Animaker

Despite creating animated videos, Animaker can also be used to convert videos from various formats to different formats. They have a separate converter with respective pricing plans to consider. It is a very lightweight and simple app that can work in the browser as well.

Steps to convert FLV to MP4 via Animaker

Step 1: Go to Animaker official link.

Step 2: Tap the Start Converting button.

Step 3: Upload your FLV file and hit the Download button to get it in MP4 format.
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Can also be used to creat animated videos
  • Not efficient for video conversion
  • Time consuming


So, these were the ten best FLV to MP4 converters with respective features and limitations. Alongside this, we've tried to compare every video converter with Aicoosoft and found out the demerits that you may not want to cope up with further. Therefore, it’s highly essential to choose the best for top performance.

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