Best Video Converter to Merge MP4 Files
  • Merge MP4 files effectively of high-quality.
  • Trim & merge MP4 files without losing quality.
  • Effectual output by AI and lossless conversion technology.
  • Convert MP4 files to 1000+ audio/video formats.
  • Burn MP4 file directly to DVD.

“Can I merge MP4 videos for a movie? - Anonymous

“I am a short filmmaker with more than five creations on YouTube and gathered more than 1K followers on my channel. I have a small technical team that takes care of the editing and other conversion processes to smoothly stream on any social media. We have tried out many tools to makeover such processes easy, but still unsatisfied. Can anyone suggest an efficient tool to that act as an editor & converter as well?”

At present, various tools could be an answer to the above query, but in reality, it isn’t. Hence, we have picked up the eight best tools to merge MP4 files at ease. 

Part 1. How can I merge MP4 files effectively?

Aicoosoft Video Converter

To effectively merge MP4 files without quality loss, Aicoosoft comes here as the best suggestion. Aicoosoft is a video converter solution overloaded with editor sets, converter formats, compressor categories, in-built audio/video download, DVD converter, and screen recorder. Coming to the merging feature, Aicoosoft helps you stitch over or merge multiple MP4 files at ease, along with conversion to the other desired formats directly. The trim/merge feature, developed as AI technology is useful for flexibility by professionals.

Key features of Aicoosoft Video Converter

  • An all-in-one video editor toolkit Aicoosoft lets you delete unwanted segments from an entire video and merge multiple parts for an episode or movie.
  • Apart from trim/merge, Aicoosoft has crop/resize, watermark, subtitles, audio adjustments, and still a lot more.
  • Crafted with superior technologies like lossless conversion strategy, Multi-core processor optimization, and GPU Acceleration, you geta high-quality outcome in seconds.
  • Need to convert your video to 100 formats? Why worry, as Aicoosoft supports 1000+ audio/video formats at a 30X faster speed.
  • Aicoosoft offers other features like downloader, screen recorder, and 24/7 customer support for its users.

How to merge MP4 files with Aicoosoft?

Aicoosoft offers a free version from which users can merge MP4 files into one for free. You can use the official link, to download and install it.

To make the working process clear, here is a guide on how to merge MP4 videos with Aicoosoft.

Step 1Import the MP4 files

Launch the application, and add the MP4 files using the “Add Files” option.

Step 2Merge MP4 files

Now, all you have to do is set an output format on the preceding window, swipe the “Merger all video” option to the right, and tap the “Convert” option.

Step 3Locate merged file

Once noted success, you can access the output file by clicking the “Open Folder” button.

Part 2. Top 8 Speedy Ways to merge MP4 files for free

If you are a person who always wishes to look at other alternatives as a second choice, we have piled up seven fast ways to merge MP4 in terms of software and online.

1. Clideo

Clideo stands as our first tool with which you can merge MP4 files online. It allows you to combine multiple videos, images and mix it up suitable audio at ease. In just one-click, you can merge MP4 on Clideo, supporting all video formats along with resolution availability and crop features. While it is entirely online, you get high-security with support over Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Clideo supports a wide range of video formats.
  • Apart from videos, you can merge photos as well with Clideo.
  • For Clideo, internet connectivity is mandatory.
  • A maximum file size of 500MB per project is only allowed in Clideo.

2. Minitool Movie Maker

Minitool Moviemaker is a software tool that can merge MP4 on Windows 10 and Windows 7/8.1. It is robust free software ready to create videos in minutes with a handy video editor and cool movies/trailers suited for fun. Stunning transition, simple timeline, studio-quality titles, trim/split video, and perfect aesthetic are some of the feature set.
  • Minitool offers features like transition, effects, and motion sets.
  • Perfect your creation with play/pause, timeline adjuster, and preview actions.
  • It doesn’t support advanced editing features needed for professionals.

3. Media Cope

Media Cope is our next software to merge MP4 files into one free that is powerful and comprehensive. Supporting mostly all formats like DIVX, FLAC, RMVB, AMR, AC3, and more, Media Cope can perform varied functions on the multimedia files where the advanced ones are playlists, and subtitles play. Not only videos but photograph handling and a little editing is possible too with Media Cope.
  • Media Cope is ultimately free and easy-to-use.
  • Media Cope has several features & functions.
  • The interface is quite outdated and a little dull that is difficult for beginners.

4. iDealshare Videogo

With compatibility with Windows 8, iDealshare Videogo is the best all-in-one video/audio converter, editor, and player. Without loss of quality, one can merge multiple MP4 files at a 30X speed and convert it to popular HD or SD. iDealshare comes with CUDA technology and NVIDIA GPU Acceleration, which ensures faster operation, and outcome with 100% original quality.
  • You get a simple interface, stable operation, and 100% clean working.
  • Mostly all audio/video formats along with H.265 & H.264 codecs are supported.
  • You cannot directly burn videos to DVD or CD with iDealshare Videogo.
  • Processing of big files takes time in iDealshare.

5. Windows Movie Maker

With over five million users, here comes Windows Movie Maker that is developed especially for Windows users. With Movie Maker, you can merge MP4 videos together, make movies from photos & clips, overlay actions, slide & text addition, animated pan-zoom options, photo enhancements, use 30+ transition effects fashionable fonts. Moviemaker 10 has come up with a pro app that’s an added advantage.
  • A moviemaker is a versatile tool that comes in-built on Windows devices.
  • Helps in creating simple & complex video projects.
  • Not suited for professional users as it lags advanced editing functions.
  • Windows Moviemaker crashes at times.

6. FaaSoft Video Joiner

FaaSoft offers an MP4 merge tool using which you can join/combine or merge MP4 videos into a larger file without re-encoding and zero quality loss at 30X faster speed. FaaSoft offers an all-in-one video converter, downloader, player, editor, and professional audio converter with a simple interface. Reliable with Windows, and Mac OS, FaaSoft supports the latest Mavericks.
  • FaaSoft works fast, simple, and in a perfect way.
  • It is easy to handle and facilitates fast conversion.
  • In the trial version, there is a 5-minute limitation.

7. VLC

Last but not least, here comes VLC, a famous media player in the roll that can merge MP4 videos as well. While it has some in-built converter abilities, you can merge multiple MP4 files with VLC and direct conversion. I am unsure whether you are aware of other functionalities that your VLC could do like video downloader, graphic equalizer, audio normalizer, and internet radio play & podcasts.
  • VLC is easy to set up and use.
  • It is an open-source, cross-platform application.
  • VLC lags advanced music player features and libraries.
  • It has flaws and freezes at times.


It’s not just one, but we have given eight speedy tools that can merge MP4 ultimately for free both online and offline software. Need an online tool? Clideo is the best choice. Need an in-built option; VLC & Moviemaker are the finest ones. Additionally, you can find third-party assistance from software like Minitool Movie Maker and iDealshare as well. But when it comes to quality, speed, support, and features, Aicoosoft is an unbeatable answer to how to merge MP4 videos!

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