Reduce MP4 File Size Losslessly
  • Reduce the MP4 file size of high-speed.
  • Compress MP4 files without quality loss.
  • Convert MP4 files to 1000+ audio/video formats.
  • Download MP4 files from 1000+ video/audio sites.
  • Edit functions: crop, cut, merge, resize, add subtitles, add filters, etc.

"I have loaded my desktop with all my favorite movies and YouTube videos due to which the storage space shows a red sign, and the hard disk has become slow in processing. Some of my videos crash and hang out at times. I am a little confused about what to do. My friend suggested compressing their file size to enjoy them all the time but warned me of losing some data due to such compressions. Can someone tell me how to reduce the MP4 file size so that I can send it by email as well?"

We can incur the above scenario, but the solution can be in just seconds if you get to know some methodologies and strategies to reduce MP4 file size to be well occupied on storage devices or sent as email attachments.

Part 1. Some freeways on how to reduce the size of an MP4 file for email

Want to attach a big MP4 file and mail to your friends? No worries, as we can reduce MP4 file size at ease. Hence, first, let's look at some freeways on how to reduce the size of the MP4 file for email.

A. Make a zip folder

As you are already aware, creating a zip folder for large file size is the most common method and uses many. If your query is, if you can reduce MP4 file size, then it is absolutely yes, and the below guide will depict you how to reduce the MP4 file size

Step 1: Go to the folder where the MP4 video file is stored.

Step 2: Right-click on the video files and execute the “Send to> Compressed (zipped) folder.”
Step 3: If you are a Mac user, right-click on the video and click the option “Compress name.”
By doing so, the MP4 file size will be compressed or reduced where you can mail it to the desired contact by choosing “Send to> Mail recipient.”

B. iMovie on Mac

If you are a Mac user, you never need to worry as Apple has dedicated iMovie for movie editing and conversion. To shorten the length of the MP4 file to share it to the email, all you have to do is,

Step 1: Open the iMovie application, and tap the “Import Media” arrow on the screen.

Step 2: Now, select the MP4 file from your Mac device and then tap the “My Movie” section.

Step 3: To compress the MP4 file and email it, go to “File> Share> Email.” Then select the “Small” option that will reduce the MP4 file size.
The compressed MP4 file will now appear with a blank e-mail window from where you are ready-to-go!

Part 2. How to reduce MP4 file size online?

If you are running out of time and away from your computer or Mac device but still need to reduce the MP4 file size you have on-hand on your smartphone with internet connectivity, you can reduce MP4 file size online. FreeConvert is such an online tool that compresses your MP4 file, ultimately free-of-cost. Supporting over popular codecs, we have picked it for you that does a great job.

Steps to reduce MP4 file size using

Follow the steps below on how to reduce MP4 video sizewith FreeConvert.

Step 1: Enter the link, on your web browser like Chrome.

Step 2: Tap the “Choose Files” option to choose the desktop file or go with the inverted arrow for Google Drive, Dropbox, or URL ability.

Step 3: You can customize the advanced settings options like video codecs, target size, and compression methods.

Once done, tap the “Compress Video” button to reduce the MP4 file size or shorten your video. Download the MP4 file once reduced.
  • FreeConvert supports popular and modern codecs like H.264 and H.265 for better compression.
  • Default compression over 40% of actual file size if custom size isn’t specified.
  • FreeConvert supports files of maximum size till 1GB.
  • As FreeConvert is an online tool, the site has pop-ups and annoying ads.

Part 3. How to reduce MP4 files size for PC without losing quality?

Never want to lose the quality of your MP4 file but still need to reduce MP4 file size?All you need is the best MP4 compressor where the Aicoosoft video converter comes to the line.

Aicoosoft Video Converter

Aicoosoft Video converter is by a team of professional designers where you can enjoy multimedia anywhere anytime. Yes, with ten years of experience in media and technology, Aicoosoft reduces the size of the MP4 files super-fast without losing quality. It might be a batch compression of MP4 files or conversion to other formats; Aicoosoft does it at a 3oX faster speed with the in-built lossless conversion technology, GPU Acceleration, and Multi-core processor optimization.

Key features of Aicoosoft video converter

  • Aicoosoft comes up with a Professional video compressor that reduces the file size with precision effectively.
  • Compress HD videos of 4K or 1080P flexibly without losing quality.
  • Compress multiple MP4 files efficiently in just one-click, making Aicoosoft an ultimate video compressor solution.
  • Aicoosoft offers other facilities like Converter, built-in audio/video downloader, DVD converter, and screen recorder.

How to reduce MP4 file size with the Aicoosoft video converter?

If you aren't quite sure how well Aicoosoft can reduce MP4 file size without losing quality, maybe our manual on how to reduce MP4 file size might be helpful to you.
Note: Download and install the free version of Aicoosoft from the link, on your Mac or Windows device.

Step 1Add MP4 files

To reduce MP4 file size with Aicoosoft, switch over to the “Compress” tab and click the “Add Files” option to add the MP4 files.

Step 2Finalize the format & resolution

Once the video is loaded, on the target section on the right, choose your desired output format along with the resolution in which you need the compressed MP4 file.

Step 3Start the compression process

You are now all set to reduce the MP4 file size once by tapping the “Compress” button.

Step 4Find the compressed MP4 file

You will receive the success notification, preceding which you can find the reduced MP4 file by clicking the “Open Folder” option.


With discussion over some freeways and online tools to reduce MP4 file size, your MP4 compression isn’t lossy from now on. With an introduction to Aicoosoft and practical implementation on how to reduce MP4 file size at ease, stands as our top recommendation!

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