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Protected MP4 files are those files which bought from the Apple iTunes. This format files can’t be shared anywhere or you can’t convert them directly. If you want to convert protected MP4 to MP3 Mac or windows computer then you need a good protected MP4 to MP3 files converter. If you are facing issue in converting these files to MP3 format due to the copyright issue, you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to share the best way which can convert the protected MP4 files into MP3 or any other needed format.

Part 1. Convert protected MP4 files to MP3 using iTunes

If you have downloaded some MP4 files from the iTunes then you must know that these files are DRM-Protected and you can’t convert those files directly into the unprotected MP3 format. But there are some tricks which can help you to convert these files into your needed format. Let’s see how to convert protected MP4 to MP3 Mac using iTunes.

Burning the DRM-protected MP4 files to the CD disks

This is the trick which can help you to get rid of issue playing your paid DRM protected multimedia files on the other devices. ITunes allows users to burn the protected files to CD disks. Just follow to below steps to convert protected MP4 files to MP3 using the burning method.


Firstly, you need to create a playlist of the songs in iTunes which you want to convert iTunes protected MP4 to MP3 format. If your playlist is more than 74 minutes because this is the limit of CD’s then you can burn it to more than one disk as iTunes offers you option to burn the songs to more than one disk.


Now highlight the playlist by selecting your songs and then you will see an option “Burn Disk” on the top of the screen. Click on the “Burn Disk” button now.


Now make sure to insert a blank CD in your computer or Mac CD drive then click on the “Burn Disk” again in the iTunes interface. Now the iTunes will start burning your protected music files to CD. You can see the progress in a progress bar. You can also view the estimated time in the progress bar.

The process will be finished in some time automatically. So far, you have burned the DRM-protected MP4 to the CD disks, and the MP4 files become unprotected. But this is the first step, you need to convert the files in the CDs to MP3 next. 

Rip CD using Aiccosoft Video Converter

Here, we introduce a tool - Aicoosoft Video Converter that can help you convert the video files in the CDs to MP3 format. 


First of all you have to install the Aicoosoft Video Converter in the computer. Now insert the music CD in your computer CD drive. Run the software, click on the “Load DVD” button and this option will load the video files in DVD.


After loading your DVD you need to click on the inverted triangle button at the upper right corner under “Output Format”. Now select the MP3 format from the Audio tab. Once you have selected the output format you need to click on the “Convert” button at the lower left side of interface.


After finishing the conversion it will show you a small popup. Click on the “Open Folder” button and you will be redirected to the location where your converted files are available.

So far, you converted protected MP4 files to MP3 using iTunes. Do you find that it is very complicated? Next, we will introduce a easy way to complete the conversion without iTunes.

Part 2. How to convert protected MP4 files to MP3 without iTunes

The best way to convert protected MP4 to MP3 is with the use of Aicoosoft Video Converter. Yes, we have already mentioned this software above. We will show you the guide step by step, and you can find that it is so easy to convert protected MP4 to MP3.
Since we cannot convert protected MP4 directly, we should use "Record" function of the product to record a copy of the protected MP4 firstly, which will turn the protected MP4 file into an unprotected one. Then use "Convert" function to convert the unprotected MP4 file to an MP3 file.


Launch Aicoosoft Video Converter and then select the tab "Record", you will see the interface below.


Click "Record Now", the following interface will pop up. Choose Capture Area, enable System audio and enable MicroPhone, and then Click "REC". When the recording process starts, please play the protected MP4 file at the same time.


When the MP4 playback is over, please stop the recording procession by click the button on the upper right cornor of the screen at the same time, then you will see the following interface. It means that you have created a copy of the protected MP4. The new MP4 file is unprotected! Now you can use the "Convert" function to convert the MP4 file to MP3. 


Add the MP4 file through “Add Files” button on the left corner in the Convert tab or drag and drop the file directly in the software interface.


Choose the output format as MP3. You need to click below the “Output Format” and choose the MP3 format from the audio section in the popup box. Once the format is selected, click on the “Convert” option down at the right corner.


Once the conversion process is over, a box will appear. Click on the “Open Folder” option to locate the converted MP3 file.


One of the most convenient and easy ways to convert protected MP4 files into MP3 format is using the software, Aicoosoft Video Converter. Its fast conversion speed, and 24/7 customer service has pleased around 10,000 users all over the world. One does not need to think about security or safety as it comes with a tag that says, “100% security guarantee”. Lastly and most importantly, it never compromises with the quality of the output. It converts and compresses the video and can give a desired outcome to the views.

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