Best MP4 Video Editor

  • Edit MP4 files on Mac/Windows 10 for free.
  • Edit options: crop, filters, noise remover, flip & rotate, etc.
  • Convert edited MP4 files directly to 1000+ audio/video formats.
  • Download MP4 files from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Compress MP4 files without losing quality.

Has surfing over various websites to find the best MP4 editor tool been a time-wasting task? Or since the Internet has loads of MP4 tools, you do not know which one would work the best? To keep it short yet easy, we got you the top 2 freeways to edit the MP4 file on Mac/Windows 10 along with practical guides on how to edit MP4 video. We guarantee a full stop to your search and confusion, but make sure you give these editing tools a try at least once!

Part 1. How to edit MP4 files on Mac hassle-free?

Want to edit the MP4 files hassle-free without losing quality on Mac or Windows 10? Aicoosoft video converter would be the best choice to go and let’s see why.

Aicoosoft video converter

Aicoosoft video converter comes up with an ultimate all-in-one video editor toolkit with which you can edit an MP4 file effectively in just seconds. It could be a batch edit or a single file; Aicoosoft doesn’t compromise quality and time. Tech experts developed this tool with superior technologies like AI; thus, all credits go to the Aicoosoft development team's endeavors. Aicoosoft offers a simple but intuitive easy-to-use interface making it the best MP4 editing software amongst the others in the market. 

Key features of Aicoosoft Video Converter

  • Want to take out the unwanted parts of your video to make it perfect? Why don’t you try Aicoosoft’s trim and merge features that can get the job done effectively and flexibly?
  • Flip and rotate the video as per your choice with the outstanding flip/rotate option offered by Aicoosoft.
  • Convert the edited MP4 file to 1000+ audio/video format, including all compression codecs like H.265 and H.264.
  • Compress HD videos without quality loss of high resolution.

How to edit MP4 videos on Mac with Aicoosoft Video Converter?

With a short manual, let’s look athow to edit the MP4 video on Mac with Aicoosoft. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the free version offered by Aicoosoft. If not, you can click the “Try it Free” option from the link, to get it now.

Step 1Launch & open Aicoosoft

Once installed, launch the Aicoosoft software and open it on your Mac device. Add the MP4 file to be edited by tapping the “Add Files” option from the top bar.

Step 2Edit the MP4 file

Wait until the MP4 file gets imported into the screen, and then click the scissors icon you can find below the loaded video.

From the next window, you will be allowed to use the editing toolbox offered by the software from where you can use the default option.

Step 3Preview & Apply

You can try out every possible edit options to enhance your video, like rotate and flip.

You can add effects and filters like Blur and NE as well with Aicoosoft.

Once you have finished off with the editing, preview it, and tap the “Apply” option. With no delay, save the file with the “Save and Close” option.

Step 4Convert & get the MP4 file

You will reach the primary window again, where you can change the output format from the right-panel if required else, tap the “Convert” button directly.
Once you get a success notification, you can get the output file by clicking the “Open Folder” option.
I hope you will find the above guide on how to edit an MP4 video with Aicoosoft, an easy one in editing anMP4 file whenever needed.

Part 2. How to edit MP4 files on Windows 10 in-built?

Let’s keep the third-party MP4 editing software aside now and get into the discussion of how to edit MP4 on Windows 10? Yes, for sure, Aicoosoft Video Converter can do its job there, but are you aware of the in-built hidden video editor of Windows 10? If you aren't, read the below guide on how to edit MP4 on Windows 10 in-built.

Step1: To edit an MP4 file, open the folder where the video is stored, right-click on it and execute, “Open with> Photos.”

Step2: The MP4 video will now open in the Photos app.Where to edit, you need to click the “Edit & Create” option from the toolbar.
Step3: Varied editing options will now appear on the screen, where you can click on it to use them.

Step4: To trim the video, click the “Trim” option, and pull the two handles to the destined portions, that will make the task.

Step5: Then, click the “Save a copy” option to save it else “Cancel” to discard the changes.

Step6: The in-built video editor allows you to apply 3D effects and filters from Adventure to Sepia to make your video outstanding.

Step7: Once editing is over, the video is ready to get exported or shared if you click the “Export or share” option.

Step8: You can also add it to the cloud storage by using the option “Add to Cloud.”

Step9: You can see the location where the video will get saved on the PC on the screen from where you can reach it out.

Part 3. FAQs

1. Is iMovie MP4 video editing software?
Definitely yes, iMovie is video editing software developed by Apple Inc., especially for Mac and iOS device users recognized to be the best MP4 editor tool in the case of Mac.
2. How to edit MP4 files with VSDC?

VSDC is also an MP4 editing software that works well on Windows and here are short steps on how to edit MP4 video with it.

Step 1: Import the MP4 file into the application, and it will appear on the timeline.

Step 2: On the top toolbar, you will find the “Editor” option that you can use to trim/split and split functions.

Step 3: Additionally, several edit tools will fill up the video frame that can be readily useful on VSDC.

Step 4: If you have finished the editing, tapping the “Export Project” tab will save the project.


Finally, with discussion over two best free ways to edit MP4 files on Mac/Windows 10 along with detailed interpretations on how to edit MP4videos, we can conclude today’s article. While the in-built video editor does the job well and good, keeping at hand a handy all-in-one editor/converter software like Aicoosoft Video Converter is always the best suggestion!

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