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Does your MP4 clip fit well on your mobile device while viewing the content but turns to appear sideways/upside down when viewed on your PC? If yes, the solution you seek is here. 

The flipping of a video clip upside down or sideways when viewed on either a PC or mobile device is an issue that occurs when the device being used to make the recording isn't positioned or held properly (human factor). Also, the device itself could cause this. This issue is amongst the major challenges faced by video editors including the experts in this field. However, we’ve come up with a solution- rotating the MP4 video. This article will introduce you to 4 amazing techniques to rotate MP4 videos on Windows and Mac OS. Without wasting your time, let's begin! 

Part 1. Rotate MP4 Videos with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player like Windows Movie Maker is a great toolkit to have at hand as a Windows OS user. Reason being because of the multifunctional nature of the software. It allows you to perform a multitude of video editing operations such as the conversion of WLMP files, rotation of MP4 video clips, and many others. The toolkit is designed with an intuitive user interface- this is to ensure that every individual, whether tech guru or not, can easily execute all tasks on it. The mode of operation is simple and quick, just import your desired MP4 clip, enter the necessary command, and then wait for AI to process it.


  • Supported OS; Windows only 
  • It has an interactive user interface 
  • Windows Movie Maker is an installable software, so you don't have to rely on a data network to use it 
  • Converts video/audio files like MP4, MP3, WLMP, and many others 
  • Rotates MP4 videos 90, 180, and 270 degrees with no quality loss 

Step by Step Guide to Rotate MP4 Videos with Windows Media Player

Step1Import the Video Clip

Launch Windows Movie Maker on your PC, select and import your preferred MP4 video from your local drive. To do this, tap on the ‘Add Videos and Photos’ button underneath the ‘Home’ toolbar.

Step2Rotate the Video

On importing the MP4 clip, Windows Movie Maker would analyze it for a while. So you wait a few minutes. After that, select any of the ‘Rotate’ buttons to flip the video right or left in 90 degrees. Once you’ve flipped to your satisfaction, tap on ‘Save Movie’ to export the file to your hard drive in any format you like. 

Part 2. Best 3 Ways to Rotate MP4 Videos without Windows Media Player

Could there be an alternative method to rotate MP4 videos? Well, of course, and we’ve got 3 simple techniques you could use in place of Windows Movie Maker. 

1. Aicoosoft Video Converter

Aicoosoft Video Converter is an amazing video editing toolkit with multiple functionalities; video compression, conversion, recording, and rotation. The software lets you rotate your clips whether MP4 or not without stress. You don't have to be tech-savvy to operate it- it is a user-friendly toolkit. This multiplatform software supports the download of high-quality media files (video/audio) from over 1000 video-sharing websites. It processes all commands and generates results 30X faster than any software or program you find on the net. Rip DVD files, and compress HD files without losing quality. 


  • Rotate all media format files including MP4 vertically and horizontally with ease 
  • Convert, compress, rip DVD, and edit video/audio files
  • It's designed with a multicore processor and GPU accelerator- a reason for the 30X  high speed of operation
  • Download media files from over 1000 video sharing sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and others
  • Supported OS; Windows, and Mac 

How to use Aicoosoft Video Converter

Step1Launch the Software
Download and install a suitable version of the software on your Windows/Mac OS device. Once installation is complete, launch it.
Step2Import the MP4 file

Click on the ‘Add Files’ icon to upload your desired MP4 file from your local drive. Alternatively, you could use the drag-&-drop feature. 

Step3Rotate MP4 file

Next, click 'Edit’ and then choose ‘Rotate’ from the options that appear. Flip the clip right or left till it fits in. After that, click on 'Save' button and come back to the main interface.

Step4Start the conversion process

Now, export the rotated file to your hard drive by hitting the ‘Convert’ button. After conversion, you can find the rotated MP4 file in the output folder.

2. VLC Media Player

Here is another powerful media player that supports MP4 rotation. It allows you to flip your horizontally or vertically oriented clips easily and quickly so they fit your PC screen. 

  • It has a simple user interface 
  • Saves files directly to your hard drive 
  • Supports over 30 video/audio formats 
  • Not suitable for compressing HD files 
  • Quality maintenance isn't guaranteed 
  • The speed of operation is low 

3. Kapwing

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  • Converts, and rotate MP4 files 
  • Changes the background of images 
  • It has an intuitive user interface 
  • Not suitable for Linux OS
  • Processes and generates results slowly 
  • End-users need to subscribe to a premium package to enjoy all features of the software 

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn a video upside down? 

Well, to do this, you need a professional video editor. Although there are thousands available on the net, the Aicoosoft Video Converter is the best of them all. Download the toolkit and then follow the stepwise guide.

Can I rotate MP4 videos without a movie maker? 

Yes, you can rotate your MP4 videos without a movie maker. Once you’ve got Aicoosoft Video Converter at your disposal, you can easily execute the task.


Rotate MP4 videos with ease using any of the toolkits given in the article. You don't have to be a tech guru to employ the service of any of these tools. Just apply the stepwise guide and you are good to go. Mind you, our recommendation is the Aicoosoft Video Converter. It has the best web layout, excellent sheer speed, and lastly, maintains the quality of files. 

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