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There was a time when video conversion was considered a real task. Today, there are many online tools available to convert MP4 to MOV free. These portals allow you to save the video file into the desired format directly or you may download and install the tool on your desktop to the conversion process handy.

Video not running properly before an important meeting is a common scenario. Since we are used to our own machine, we often forget to convert the video into the universally acceptable formats.

If you are looking to convert a video, an ideal video converter is the one which does not hamper the video, audio and aspect ratio of the video.

We usually upload the videos on social media or prefer to keep it on the phone for easy access. In such a case, we suggest you check the video size and if it’s heavy then compress the video online and upload it.

Note: convert and save MP4 video to MOV online, if the final machine to run the video is IOS based.

MOV video, a preferred format:

Founded by Apple, MOV format was originally launched as the supporter of the QuickTime player. One could save videos or make movies in the MOV format while using a MAC.

MOV format uses an advanced algorithm which makes it compatible for both Apple and Windows. The data is stored in different tracks like text, audio, video etc. The information of one file is stored in a multimedia container file with various digitally-encoded media.

To comprehend with MOV standards, MP4 was developed with minor modifications but with same rules. Both the versions are interchangeable if provided the same QuickTime atmosphere to the final file.

One can convert the MP4 to MOV mac without changing the video encoding. However, this is mostly and easily possible if you are using Apple. One may face issues in the case of Microsoft windows.

Today, everyone usually prefers to use the MPEG4 format as it is compatible with both MP4 and MOV.

For maintaining the high quality of the video, one should prefer using the MOV format video. This format video is effective and safe if you are using the MAC.

Part 1. Convert MP4 to MOV online unlimited

Convert2mp3 is one of the leading portals to convert videos online. The website ensures that the quality of the video is maintained. It also assures content privacy.

Select the video link from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Clipfish and convert the video in the desired format. And use it as per your need.

It takes two simple steps to get the desired format for the file you wish to convert:


Select the URL of the file you wish to convert to MOV and paste in the respective box.

Click on convert button.


You will observe the conversion process. After the conversion is over, download the file and you can have easy access.

Part 2. Convert MP4 to MOV for free and unlimited

In this article we will show you another Online Video Converter, it is 100% and unlimited to use. You can convert mp4 to mov for free. It support also downloading video from streaming websites. I will show you the steps to convert MP4 to MOV below:

Step 1. Select the MP4 video (either present online or saved on your desktop),Now, visit and choose the option of uploading the video - a youtube link or the video file from your system.

Step 2. In case you have a video link,click on the ‘convert a video link.’

Step 3. As redirected to the page, copy the web URL in the bar and select the desired video format. 

Step 4. Click on start and the video will start processin, once processed, download the video. 

Similarly, if you have the videos saved in your laptop then, choose the option to ‘convert a video file.’

Choose the video of your choice and start the video conversion

Another successful tool available for free online video conversion is No additional software installation or plugins to access the services is required. It works smoothly with all latest browsers and provides high-quality videos in less period. Convert an MP4 to MOV online, following these simple steps. 

Part 3.The best way to convert mp4 to mov for win/mac

Based on AI Technology, Aicoosoft is one of the fastest output and quality assuring software to convert video online. While optimising the multi-core processor, it produces high-quality video, in no time.

Aicoosoft Video Converter supports more than 1000 formats of audio and video and works undoubtedly better in conversion and compression. With the advanced GPU acceleration technology in place, the software lets you convert MP4 file to MOV format in the lightning speed. You can download it 30X faster.

aicoosoft video converter

Key Features:
  • Aicoosoft video converter does not compromise with the quality of the converted video. Being a video converter tool, Aicoosoft video converter, works on multiple video types and provides flawless conversions.
  • The video converter tool is platform independent and can give amazing conversion on multiple devices including your smart phones.
  • Other than converting files, the tool is efficient enough to edit videos by cutting and merging them as per the requirement.
  • The lightning fast conversion using Artificial Intelligence based technology, makes it a reliable mp4 to mov conversion tool.

Install the converter in your computer and open it to start the conversion process. After that you need to add the files from your PC for conversion. You can even add the folder in the software by clicking on a triangle icon beside add files button.


Once the files are added, one can choose the format for conversion. On the right side of the window one can easily choose the format from the list for the video conversion.


And once the file type for conversion is selected, you can locate the convert button on the lower right bottom and also beside each video.


Click on the Folder icon on the lower right bottom to locate the converted videos.

Frequently asked questions

Here we are to answer some mostly asked questions:

1. Can QuickTime convert MP4 to MOV?

The answer is yes. You can convert the MP4 to MOV on Quicktime player by simply loading the video and then selecting the profile in which you would like to convert the video. Convert the file and follow the instructions to save the file. 

2. Is MOV better than MP4?

The MOV video works efficiently in MAC only. The video quality is undoubtedly superior to any other video format. However, MP4 is also on international standards and work better on all other platforms. 

3. Is MOV format good?

Yes, MOV format is good. However, it depends on what will be the end machine to play it. 

4. Why is MOV file so big?

MOV format captures the extra details of what all camera sees. It is higher in quality as the acquisition format will provide greater range while processing the video. 

5. Will MPEG play on DVD player?
DVD players do recognize MPEG formats and thus MPEG files can be played on a DVD.

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