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  • Convert DIVX to MP4 30 faster without loss quality
  • Convert video/audio files to more than 1000 formats

  • Customize to compress HD video without loss quality

  • More features: download, edit, record videos and convert DVD

Are you struggling to run your DivX videos on your Android or iOS smartphones? DivX format is immensely popular as it can compress large video files into small size files without affecting visual quality. But sadly this format is not compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and that is why we need to convert them into mp4 format to enjoy these videos on phone.  For this purpose, you need a DivX converter that will convert DivX into mp4 format.

What is DivX format?

DivX or DivX media is a media container format that was developed by DivX Networks. Files with.DivX extension are basically high-quality video files. These files are compressed to distribute these digital videos through the Internet. When we save a file in.DivX format, the video is compressed and its size is reduced. This makes sharing of these videos easy on the Internet. One of the main advantages of DivX format is that when the video is compressed, there is little or no loss of picture quality.

Part 1. Convert DivX to mp4 online and unlimited

You can convert your DivX file to an mp4 format easily using DivX to mp4 converter online. The process is pretty simple and all you need to do is to find a good converter that does the task for to. There are several converters present online, but most of them lack the important features that are required for the conversion.

One of the most trusted converters present online that you can choose to convert DivX to mp4 online is Convert2MP3 Online Video Converter. It is a great tool with which you can perform your conversion with utmost ease and above all, it does not charge you anything for conversion. It is absolutely free.

Why choose Convert2Mp3 Online Video Converter?

  • For converting your DivX file to mp4 on Convert2Mp3, you do not require any registration. It is completely safe.
  • The conversion speed of this online video converter is commendable. It can convert your DivX file into an mp4 format in no time.
  • It also enables its users to download videos from multiple video sharing sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, and Clip fish. You can download videos up to 4K and 1080P in a very short time.
  • The biggest advantage of the Convert2mp3 online video converter is that it supports all the famous audio and video formats present in the market. Besides DivX to mp4 conversions, it can perform many other conversions as well.

Steps to convert DivX to mp4

Follow the steps given below to perform the conversion:

Step 1. Go to the URL

Step 2. The converter requires the URL of the video that you want to convert into an mp4 format.

Step 3 Next, you have to paste the URL in the converter and then choose the format mp4 in our case.

Online DivX to MP4 Converter - Convert2Mp3

Step 4. Click on the convert button and then you can download the video in mp4 format on your device.

Convert DivX to mp4 - Convert2Mp3


Part 2. Convert DivX to mp4 free and unlimited

Another great DivX to mp4 converter free tool that you can use to convert your DivX file to mp4 format is Online Video Converter. It is a web application that you can use to convert any file or video link to various formats like mp4, wmv, mkv, mpg, etc. This converter is very easy to use and there is no need to install separate software on your device.

What makes Online Video Converter a great choice for DivX to mp4 conversion?

There is no denying the fact, Online Video converter is a great choice for your DivX to mp4 conversions. OVC is compatible with all the modern browsers present today and offers high quality and super-fast DivX to mp4 conversions. OVC will take merely five minutes to perform your conversion process. The website is free to use, therefore you can do unlimited conversions here. OVC is also mobile compatible. You can now convert your DivX files to mp4 format directly on your mobile phone or tablet.

How to use Online Video Converter for the conversion?

Step 1. Click on the URL:

DivX to mp4 - step 1

Step 2. For the conversion, you can either enter the link of your DivX video or choose a file from your device that you want to convert.

DivX to mp4 - step 2

Step 3. Select the mp4 format that is the format in which we want to convert our DivX file.

Step 4. Next, you have to click on the start button to start the conversion process.

DivX to mp4 - step 4

Part 3. The Best way to convert DivX to mp4 for Win/Mac

The best way to convert your DivX file into mp4 is Aicoosoft Video Converter software. Besides converting your DivX video into mp4 format, it can also compress, download, edit, and record videos easily. Aicoosoft is a powerful video converter that uses AI technology to convert DivX videos into mp4 format. Unlike other traditional videos, makes conversions without compromising with the output video quality.

aicoosoft video converter

What makes Aiccosoft so powerful?

  • This superior converter can convert your DivX videos into mp4 format 30 times faster than any other video converter available online.
  • It also uses lossless conversion technology that is during the conversion it maintains the quality of output videos.
  • It also used powerful GPU acceleration technology, which can convert DivX into mp4 with lightning-fast speed.
  • The multicore processer further makes it one of the best video converters.
  • You will be amazed to know that Aicoosoft can convert video files into more than 1000 formats.
  • Besides all the advantages that make it the best choice for DivX to mp4 conversion, it is also a powerful video compressor. You can use it to compress your HD videos without loss of quality.
  • It also supports more than 1000 sites i.e. you can use it to download videos from more than 1000 video sharing sites.

How to perform conversion using Aiccosoft?

Step 2. Insert the file you need to convert into the software for easy conversion.

convert DivX to mp4 - aicoosoft step 1

Step 3. Choose the format to which you wish to convert your file. The options available for the conversion are present at the right side of the program window.

Step 4. Click on the convert button at the lower right bottom to convert DivX to mp4. After the video is converted click on the folder icon to locate the converted files.

convert DivX to mp4 - aicoosoft step 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does DivX play mp4?

MP4 is a popular file extension that is based on the H.264 standard. It is the most commonly used format for creating digital videos. A DivX converter can convert your DivX videos to mp4 format.

Q2: Can DivX play on DVD players?

DivX is a high compression digital format. It is used to fit a high amount of videos into small files. The DVD player will decompress your DivX file and convert it.

Q3: Is DivX still used?

Yes, this format is still used. Most people use it for compression. Like converting movies into DivX, means getting high-quality movies in a mall file size.

Q4: Is DivX safe for Mac?

Yes, DivX is safe for mac. Just be careful to download it from official developers’ website.  

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