Best MP4 video converter
  • Convert MP4 files to any format like MOV, AVI, and MKV.
  • Convert MP4 files of high-quality with lossless technology.
  • Perfect output files with an in-built video editor.
  • Other functions: edit, compress, download, and screen recorder.

Multimedia is a growing and developing platform suitable for everyone where the most usage is by music lovers, artists, and business people. It is an excellent aid that attracts and, at the same time, exploits the world. Video is the most vital part of enhancing the multimedia field, issues, and a thirst for an all-in-one compatible & handy video converter rises, leaving blank ideas. But not anymore when we are here to bring the best effective solutions that are long-lasting. Read below to get to know about the best MP4 video converters that are effective and easy.

  • Part 1: Best MP4 video converter
  • Part 2: Free MP4 to MOV converter software
  • Part 3: Free MP4 to AVI video converter
  • Part 4: Online MP4 to MOV video converter

Part 1. Best MP4 video converter 

High quality with lossless conversion - Aicoosoft video converter

Are you looking out for an all-in-one video converter? Whatever the input file format like MP4, MOV, MP3, or AVI, high-quality conversion to diverse output categories like WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, and AAC is supported by Aicoosoft Video converter that is the best MP4 video converter from our side. With less effort, one can makeover the conversion process in just seconds with 30X faster conversion speed that doesn't slow down for batch conversion.
GPU Acceleration, Multi-core processor optimization, and lossless conversion technologies are the main reason behind such successful accomplishment of Aicoosoft marked as the best video converter among multiple introductions in the market. Aicoosoft is compatible with both Windows and Mac coming up with a price range of $39.99 that is reasonable and well suited for middle-level customers and professionals. Besides video converter MP4, Aicoosoft can edit, download, and compress a video.

Key features of Aicoosoft Video Converter

  • No worries, as Aicoosoft supports 1000+ video/audio formats in whatever format the input file can be.
  • Is your video lagging due to imperfections, Aicoosoft can make it right with the in-built editor toolbox allowing one to trim, cut & merge, crop & resize filters, and still a lot more
  • Aicoosoft is a popular video editing software that provides better support for HD video conversion and compression.
  • Powerful video converter MP4 with AI technology that supports HD/4K video files without losing the quality.
  • Whatever the device is, a smartphone, drone, camcorder, or tablet, video conversion at a superior quality is a guarantee.

How to convert MP4 video with Aicoosoft Video Converter?


Launch the Aicoosoft software on your PC and move to the “Convert” tab.

Click the “Add Files” option and start adding the MP4 files.


To choose the output format, click the output format drop-down on the left corner. You can choose from varied audio, video, and device options.


Once you chose the format, hit the “Convert” option to get the conversion done.

Lastly, get the converted file by clicking on the “Open Folder” option.

Part 2. Free MP4 to MOV video converter software


No doubt, Aicoosoft is the best MP4 video converter, but along with it, we would like to bring some of the video converters that are experts in video conversion.

Freemake is a free MP4 to MOV video converter software that supports 500+ formats and gadgets. With no limitations and trials, one can convert a file of any size absolutely for free. Freemake established its market for more than ten years as the #1 Video converter with over 103 million users.

With Freemake, one can access all popular, rare, and non-protected formats like MP4, SWF, DVD, QT, MTS, MOV, RM, WMV, and TS. You can also import photos or audio files to any multimedia form or video. Transform several clips to a single file, making Freemake a full suite that can modify, rip videos, Blu-rays capabilities, and embed videos to blogs & sites.

Freemake is an easy-to-use intuitive software that does video conversion faster and facilitates uploading files directly to Android, iPhone, or iTunes. Apart from conversion, you can pull visuals from audio/video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

Part 3. Free MP4 to AVI video converter


If you are a hard-working person who has no time to install MP4 to AVI video converter software on your device, using a free online MP4 to AVI video converter tool is the best choice to go!

There are various scenarios where one needs to convert an MP4 to AVI to stream on numerous high-quality devices, but one cannot always have separate software to make the job done.

In such circumstances, a free online MP4 to AVI video converter like Zamzar ( can be of great help.

Zamzar converted more than 510 million files since 2006 and hence is the No.1 online tool preferred by many. Zamzar is a 100% free and safe web-based video converter MP4 that requires no registration. The task is so simple where all you have to do is, enter the URL, in the browser, add the MP4 files by clicking on the “Add Files” option, and once loaded, hit the “Convert Now” option.

Part 4. Online MP4 to MOV video converter


Do you have many MP4 files on your Desktop that can be converted to MKV so that audio tracks, subtitles, and playback aren't affected else audio/video can be retrieved later if required? Being a rare process, preferring separate software, isn't preferable where an online MP4 to MKV video converter can be of great help.

Convertio is a free online video converter tool that lets one convert files of size up to 100MB at ease with over 37 video formats. You can choose files from PC, Dropbox, and Google Drive or link with Convertio. MP3 cutter, resize video, adjust the video, video cutter, crop video, compression, video rotate, filter & mixer are the other add-ons provided for the users at free-of-cost.

Convertio is not only available as a web-page video converter but comes in the form of a Chrome extension that can be readily added to Google to make the process easier. To convert MP4 videos to MKV for free online,enter the link on your preferred web browser, upload the MP4 file, make additional effects like adjusting the settings regarding codec, hit the “Convert” button, and download the resultant MKV file when complete.


Thus, I am sure your search and surfing over the Internet to find out the best MP4 video converter has now come to an end with an introduction to the Aicoosoft Vidoe converter along with practical and online free MP4 video converters. So, pick up Aicoosoft, all-in-one solution and begin exploring!

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