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Do you find it difficult to convert your WLMP files to MP4 without Movie Maker on Windows 10? Well, that's because you haven't come across this tutorial guide titled ‘How to Convert WLMP to MP4 in/without Movie Maker on Windows’. But now you’ve navigated your way to this web page, converting WLMP to MP4 shouldn't be a problem anymore as the guide will be shared with you. Before we discuss the content of the guide, let's take a look at what WLMP means and why you should convert it. 

What Is WLMP?

The acronym WLMP stands for Windows Live Movie Maker Project which is a project file saved from a movie-making project shot on Microsoft's Windows Live Movie Maker, a software designed for Windows OS. The content of WLMP files is assumed to be a video file, however, it is a text file obtained from media files like video clips, photos, audios, movies, and others. This file can only be played by Windows Live Movie Maker- no other media player including iPad, VLC, QuickTime, PSP, and others, supports the file.

Why do You Need to Convert WLMP? 

With regards to the information obtained above, it can be concluded that WLMP files are compatible with only Windows Live Movie Maker- a reason you need to convert WLMP files. 

Now you have a reason for converting WLMP files. So what format should you convert it to? Well, here we recommend you convert it to MP4 because of the compatibility with most portable players and devices. Let's move a step further into explaining how you can convert WLMP to MP4 without Movie Maker on Windows.

Part 1. Best Way to Convert WLMP to MP4 without Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10

Aicoosoft Video Converter is one of the top-rated video converting programs designed to help you and I convert and compress video/audio files without losing quality. The program is built with a multicore processor and GPU accelerator to enhance the speed of conversion, compression, ripping, and recording to about 30X that of any video converter you find online. It supports over 1000 video/audio formats that you can select from to convert your media files. Also, Aicoosoft Video Converter can be used to download media files of any format from over 1000 video sharing websites. The program is very simple to use.


  • Converts and compresses HD video clips at speed up to 30X faster  
  • Converts WLMP to MP4 and over 1000 video/audio formats with high quality 
  • Supports the download of media files of any format from over 1000 video sharing websites like YouTube, Instagram and others
  • Built with rich editing features like cropping, effects, filters, etc., that you can use to improve your video clips
  • Supports batch compression and conversion media files

Step by Step Guide to Convert WLMP to MP4 with Aicoosoft Video Converter

Below is the stepwise guide to convert WLMP to MP4 using Aicoosoft Video Converter:

Step1Import the WLMP File

Download and install a compatible version of the Aicoosoft Video Converter on your PC. Wait a while for the installation to complete, then run the program. When the program opens, import your desired WLMP file by clicking on the Add Files option, or better yet, you could use the drag and drop feature. 

Step2Choose your Target Output Format

What media format would you like to convert the WLMP file? Select this from the list of media formats the program supports. For this article, select MP4.

Step3Convert the File

Next, click on the Convert button to commence WLMP to MP4 conversion process. This process usually takes about 30 seconds to complete. So you have to wait. Once the progress bar is full, you can click on the file to preview the content.

Part 2. How to Convert WLMP to MP4 with Windows Movie Maker 

Windows Movie Maker is another professional program you can use to convert WLMP files to MP4 on your PC, Windows OS to be precise. You can also use the program to view the content in WLMP files without stress. If you intend to use Windows Movie Maker to convert WLMP to MP4 on your Microsoft Windows system, check out and follow the stepwise guide give below: 


On your PC, run the Windows Movie Maker software, then click on the File option located at the top left corner of the program interface. A drop-down menu will appear on your screen, find the Open Project icon, and then click on it to open your file.


Next, click on the file. When you do that, the interface below will appear on your screen. Underneath the File Name, you will find the Save as type option. Click on it to change the format from WLMP to MP4.

Part 3. How to Convert WLMP to MP4 Free Online

You can convert your WLMP files to MP4 online without the Windows Movie Maker software. There are many web-based programs capable of doing this, but not all of them can maintain the quality of your files.

Here we recommend the Online Convert web-based program, one of the most popular online video converters you can use to burn or convert your WLMP files to MP4 freely. The program is fast and has an intuitive user interface. It supports over 30 video/audio formats. Also, you can use it to download media files from video sharing websites like Instagram, YouTube, etc., because of the built-in video/audio downloader. 


  • It has a simple user interface
  • Supports more than 30 media formats such as WLMP, MP4, MOV, MP3, and more
  • The built-in audio/video downloader let's end users download high-quality media files from various video sharing sites
  • Works perfectly on all computer devices

Step by Step Guide to Convert WLMP to MP3 with Online Convert

Here is the detailed guide to convert WLMP to MP4 using Online Convert:


With the aid of an internet-enabled device, navigate your way to the official website for Onljne Convert by clicking on the link-


Insert the WLMP video clip you want to convert using the drag and drop feature on the program interface. 


Select an output format that the WLMP will be converted to and then tap on the Convert button to start conversion. Mind you, we are concerned with the MP4 format here in this article. So we advise you to select MP4 as your desired output format. Tap on 'Download' the file once the conversion is over. 

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions 

What is WLMP? 

WLMP is a project file created on Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker.

Is WLMP Compatible with Mac OS? 

No, WLMP isn't compatible with Mac OS. It's a Windows project file and can only be opened on a Windows OS. 

How do I convert WLMP to MP4 Freely? 

Converting WLMP to MP4 freely without losing quality can be a tedious task as you need to select from the array of free video converters available on the Internet. While some might be free to use, the quality of their output is usually low. However, we recommend the Aicoosoft Video Converter to convert WLMP to MP4 freely. 


Now you can convert WLMP to MP4 without the Windows Movie Maker on your Windows OS freely and quickly using any of the 3 programs shared in this article. In case you are confused about which program to use, select the Aicoosoft Video Converter. We recommend the program because of the intuitive user interface, speed, and rich editing features. 

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