Convert WFP to MP4
  • Maintains quality of file during conversion and compression
  • Over 1000 video/audio formats including MP4, WFP, OGG and others are supported
  • Converts and compresses HD video files 30X faster

In search of an ideal way to convert WFP to MP4 on your PC at zero cost without diminishing the quality? This article is written specifically for you. 

When you have your files saved in an unpopular media format like WFP, you’ve got no choice but to switch them to a well-known one so you can easily access the content of them. You might be wondering whyI did say this? Well, this is because WFPs are not supported by most gadgets. 

A popular format to convert this media file is the MP4 or MP3 format, but we will use the former in this guide. There is an unlimited number of ways to carry out this task, but I will share with you the best three. 

Part 1. Fastest Video Converter for PC

The Aicoosoft Video Converter is a powerful video converting/editing software that has proven to be effective in the ripping of WFP files to MP4. It remains exceptional amongst other software because of the aesthetic features it has to offer end users. From the smooth user interface to the maintenance of file quality and high speed of conversion and compression. Aicoosoft Video Converter allows you to download video/audio files of any format from any video sharing website of your choice. 


  • Both GPU accelerator and multi-core processor are integrated into the software during production to enhance the speed of operation to 30X 
  • It converts WFP to MP4 and over 1000 media formats 
  • You can use it to compress your HD files without compromising the quality of the content
  • Supports the multiple/batch conversion of video/audio files at a go 
  • The service can be used to edit video clips to suit your taste 

Guide to Convert WFP to MP4 by Aicoosoft Video Converter

With the complete installation of a suitable version of the Aicoosoft Video Converter on your PC, follow the stepwise guide below to convert WFP to MP4:


Launch the software, then import a WFP file using the drag and drop feature that appears on the interface or click on the Add Files icon. 


After the successful importation of the file, pick an output format from the thousands supported by the software. For this article, we beseech you to choose MP4.


Now that you’ve selected a target format, the next thing is to hit the Convert button so conversion can commence.


Once the conversion is over, preview and then export the converted file on your PC

Part 2. Fast Online Video Converter

An alternative way to convert WFP to MP4 freely is using a web-based video converter. Unlike the Aicoosoft Video Converter, online video encoding/decoding programs don't require download or installation. But you need a strong and stable internet connection for you to make use of them. Here are the top 2 online video converters that you can use to convert WFP to MP4:

1 - Video2Edit

Video2Edit is a professional program with video compressing and conversion capability. It can also function as an editor as you are allowed to trim, cut, and improve the quality of your clips for free. The user interface is made simple and clean so end-users find it easy to operate. Within a few minutes, you can upload a file, select your preferred output format, then convert your file. All you have to do is to drag and drop the file, perform customization, and then hit the "Convert" button.
  • It has rich editing features like trimming, cropping, and rotating videos
  • There are over 20 output formats you can select from to convert your files
  • You can use it to compress HD files for free 
  • The speed of conversion or compression depends solely on the stability and strength of your internet connection 
  • Unless you download, you can't preview converted files
  • You can't upload or convert multiple files at the same time

2 - Convertio

Another video converter you can rely on to transform your WFP file to MP4 is the web-based program- Convertio. This free, open-source program has a clean user interface for you to run or execute your task at a fair speed. Also, it supports the transformation of Filmora Project files to MPEG-4 video format. Convertio works on multiple platforms such as Mac and Windows OS.
  • It has a friendly user interface 
  • There is no premium package required to use the program 
  • It works perfectly on all OS including Linux, Windows, and Mactonish 
  • It supports a limited number of media formats 
  • The conversion of multiple files is prohibited 
  • Quality of converted files may be ruptured during the conversion process

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Does VLC Media Player support WFP? 

No, VLC Media Player does not support WFP files. You have to convert such a file to another format that is compatible with the program. An example of this is the MP3 format. 

2 - WFP or MP4: Which is the best format to save your files? 

Choosing a media format to store your file can be tricky as you need to consider the quality and compatibility with your device. The WFP format is cool, but MP4 is better. And this is because of the small file size, streaming support, high quality, and compatibility with most media players and devices. 


There is no doubt that MP4 is the de-facto standard to save your files. Having your files saved in another format will cost you stores to view the content, but if you can convert them, then you’ve got no problem. Use any of the top 3 ways to carry out your conversion. But you have to bear in mind that online converters don't deliver the best work. And for that, Aicoosoft Video Converter is developed to curb all the challenges you encounter when converting with online programs. 

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