Convert Twitch Clip to MP4 Video
  • Convert Twitch Clip to MP4 and 1000+ formats at a speed of 30X 
  • Compress HD files for free with no quality loss 
  • Additional Features: convert, compress, edit, record, and download videos, and rip DVD files

Do you have a Twitch Clip file that you will like to convert into MP4 but don't know which software to use? If yes, this article is written specifically for you. 

Twitch is a popular platform where people visit to stream their favorite video games. You can make a 5-60 seconds screencast of the videos by enabling the Clip feature. These screencasts are usually of high quality, however, aren't compatible with all media players. For this reason, it must be converted to a common format like MP4. To convert Twitch Clip to MP4, you need a professional video converting program with superb features. Here in this article, you will find the top 3 video converters you can use to execute this task in 2021. So read on. 

Part 1. Top 3 Twitch Clip to MP4 Video Converters PC/Online

1. Aicoosoft Video Converter

Aicoosoft Video Converter is an all-in-one video converting software with Twitch Clip to MP4 conversion capability. It supports more than 1000 media formats that you can select from to transform your video/audio files without tampering with the quality. Besides the conversion of media files from one format to another, Aicoosoft Video Converter can also be used to compress HD files, make a screencast, edit images, and rip DVDs. One amazing feature that makes Aicoosoft Video Converter outstanding is the excellent sheer speed. The software has a GPU accelerator and Multicore processor as part of its components to facilitate the speed of conversion and compression to 30X, the highest you will find online. It supports the download of HD files from more than 1000 websites with YouTube being a part of them. 


  • The user interface is made clean and simple so you don't find it hard navigating around
  • You can use it without an internet connection to execute any operation. This is because it's not a web-based program
  • It retains the quality of the media file during conversion/compression and aftermath 
  • It's built with a GPU accelerator and multicore processor to fuel the speed of conversion and compression to around 30X
  • Aicoosoft Video Converter supports the conversion of Twitch Clip to MP4 and that of  over 1000 media formats 
  • You are allowed to download HD videos of any format for free

Step by Step Guide to Convert Twitch Clip to MP4 Video by Aicoosoft Video Converter

Download and install a compatible version of Aicoosoft Video Converter on your PC, then use the guide below to convert Twitch Clip to MP4:


After the successful installation of the software, launch it to execute the task- Twitch Clip to MP4 conversion. 


Import your desired Twitch Clip on the program. Use the drag and drop feature or click on the 'Add Files' icon to import a file. 


Now, you have to select a target format to convert the Twitch Clip. Though Aicoosoft Video Converter supports multiple output formats, we implore you to select the MP4 for this article. 


Hit the 'Convert' button, then wait a while for the conversion to complete. Preview the converted file and then save it on your hard drive. 

2. Clipr

Here is a professional web-based program, Clipr, you can use to convert Twitch Clip to MP4. The program provides end-users, which are mostly gamers, with a clean and simple interface to ensure they aren't faced with any difficulty while trying to navigate around it. 

Convert your Twitch Clip to MP4 using Clipr following this stepwise guide given below:


Visit the Twitch Clip official website to find the clip you want to convert. On locating the clip, copy and save the URL link.


Open Clipr on your web browser, paste the clip URL you copied in the search bar shown in the image below. Hit the 'GET DOWNLOAD LINK'. 


Once the clip format is converted, hit the 'CLICK TO DOWNLOAD' button. Tap on the Hamburger Menu at the lower right corner of the clip, then select Download to export the clip. 

3. UnTwitch

UnTwitch as the name implies is a simple, but yet professional online service designed to help you and me download Twitch Clips of our choice. It can also function as a video converter which is what we need it for here. This freemium program provides you with a great user experience with minimal advertising so you don't complain of pop-ups every time.
To use UnTwitch for your video conversion process, go on the official website, and then follow the stepwise guide given below:


Go to UnTwitch official website, paste the URL of the Twitch Clip you want to convert in the space provided. 


UnTwitch will immediately analyze the clip. Wait for it to finish analyzing, select your desired video quality, then download the converted clip. 

Part 2. Frequently Asked Questions 

Below, you will find some frequently asked questions with their answers. They were written to help you expand your knowledge of Twitch Clip to MP4 conversion. 

How can I download Twitch Clips? 

Downloading Twitch Clips is easy. All you need is a professional download resource. You will find many of them when you browse the internet. However, we will share with you two powerful tools that you can use and the stepwise guide. 

Clipr: I’m sure you will be surprised by this selection but don't as Clipr can also function as a Twitch Clip download source. 

Guide to Download Twitch Clip with Clipr

Step 1: With the aid of an internet-enabled PC, open the clip you want to download from your web browser, then copy the video URL.

Step 2: Next, open go on the official website for Clipr. When the website opens, paste the clip URL in the space given and then hit the Download button. 

And boom! The clip is ready. Export it to your device's hard drive. 

Can I view clips on Twitch? 

Since Twitch is a platform for viewing video clips of your choice, you can visit the website to view any clip. What you need to do is open Twitch on your PC, navigate to the channel’s video tab, click on the Filter by button to access the dropdown menu where you will select Clips.


There you go. You now have the top 3 video converting software to convert Twitch Clip to MP4 at your disposal. Use the Aicoosoft Video Converter to convert Twitch to MP4 as it stands out to be the best amongst the lists provided.

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