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Is your mp4 file not working properly on your Windows-based devices? Are you looking for a solution to the same? The simple solution for the problem is to convert your mp4 file in WMV format. It is a well-known fact that mp4 is one of the most commonly used formats on the Internet. It is compatible with almost all the devices and media players. However, if your mp4 format is not working properly on your mobile phones or PC, it is best to convert mp4 to wmv. The conversion will make video editing extremely easy on window based devices and PC.

Now you must be wondering what is WMV format? WMV stands for Windows Media Video. It is a video as well as an audio format that is used to store video and audio information in a file. It is a container format, which was developed by Microsoft, who used it to store audio and video codecs. The format stores videos in compressed form and was originally used for online streaming.

What are the advantages of WMV format?

WMV is one of the most popular formats and has several advantages like:

  • It can store a huge amount of video and audio information in a small storage space, which makes it perfect for internet video streaming.
  • It is compatible with all Windows devices.
  • As compared to MP4, its compression ratio is twice.
  • It can work on the web via Google Drive
  • Since it is the smallest audio and video format option, it is best to attach to an email.


Part 1. Convert mp4 to wmv online and unlimited

To begin with, you can easily convert your files using the MP4 to WMV converter online. One of the best ways to do that is to use the Convert2MP3 Online Video Converter. This is a great way to convertmp4 format into WMV format. The tool is extremely simple to use and above all, it is absolutely free.

Convert2MP3 is an online video converter. It is a very fast online video downloader that can convert any YouTube video into a variety of formats like MP4. MP3, WMV, WAV, WMA, etc. This great online video converter will also enable you to search or download any video easily. The converter will give you amazing speed and you can download any video in just one click.

What are the features of Convert2MP3?

The following amazing features make Convert2MP3 one of the best video converter mp4 to wmv, present online:

  • Safe and Free: This online video converter is 100 % free. With it, you can download videos from several online platforms like Clipfish, Dailymotion, and YouTube. It is totally safe and does not even ask for registration.
  • Fast Speed: Convert2MP3 is a very fast video converter. It can download videos up to 4K and also enables you to download videos in 1080P in a very short time.
  • Download video in Browser: With Convert2MP3, you can download videos in your browser directly.

Steps to convert MP4 to WMV using Convert2MP3


The first step involves finding the YouTube video that you want to download.


In the next step, you have to paste the URL of the video in the Convert2Mp3 online video converter.


Last but not the least you have to choose WMV format, i.e. the format in which you want your file to convert. Then click on the download button. As simple as that!

Part 2. Convert mp4 to wmv free and unlimited

Online Video Converter is a great online tool to convert MP4 to WMV Online. It is a free web application using which you can convert any video link to various file formats without even installing any software on your computer.

Why choose Online Video Converter?

The main reasons that make Online Video Converter tremendously popular on the Internet are:

  • Compatibility: Online Video Converter is fully compatible with all modern browsers. You can run this software on almost all the current browsers.
  • High quality and fast conversions: While using the mp4 to wmv converter free, you might have some doubts about the quality after conversion.The video converter offers high quality and fast conversions to its customers. You can convert audio files into different formats like mp3, aac, ogg, flac, wav, etc. On the other hand, video files can also be converted into variety of formats like mp4, mov, flv, wmv, mkv, etc. It supports several video portals like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube.
  • Mobile Access: The software is also mobile compatible. You can access their website using your Android device and do the conversions free of cost.

How to convert MP4 to WMV using Online Video Converter


The conversion is extremely simple. The first step is to copy the link of your MP4 video that you want to convert.


The next step is to choose the WMV format.



Start the conversion process by clicking on the start button. Once the conversion is complete, you can download the WMV file in your device. Isn't it simple?


Part 3. The Best way to convert mp4 to WMV for Win/Mac

Looking for the best converter to convert mp4 to wmv Windows 10? Try Aicoosoft Video Converter. Unlike traditional video converters, it uses AI technology and holds a better balance between video quality and its conversion speed. It has very convenient and easy to use features, which makes it a popular software for video conversion.

aicoosoft video converter

What are the features of Aicoosoft Video Converter?

  • Convert HD video: The software can convert HD and 4k videos into any format without loss of quality by using its famous AI technology.
  • 30X Conversion Speed: The conversion speed of this software very fast as compared to other video converters present online.
  • Lossless Conversion Technology: One of the main advantages of this software is that it retains the quality of the video during the conversion process.
  • GPU Acceleration: With GPU acceleration, you can convert your videos using Aicoosoft Video converter with lightning-fast speed.
  • Supports multiple formats: The software can convert audio or video files to more than 100 formats. It can convert your videos in literally a few seconds.
  • Professional Video Compressor: It can compress all the HD videos without losing quality. You can do multiple compressions in just one click.

Steps to convert MP4 to WMV using Aicoosoft Online Converter

The conversion of MP4 to WMV can be done in 4 easy steps:


Once you have successfully installed the software in your device, all you need to do is to add the files in the windows for conversion. This can be done is two simple ways. One can drag and drop the files, or can even add files using the option present at the top left corner.


Now you will have to select the format you wish to convert the files to. From the given list of options choose WMV.


Finally, to convert the files you will click on convert button at the lower right bottom. Or you can even click on the convert option beside each file to be converted.


After the file is converted from MP4 to WMV, you can have access to the converted file by clicking on folder button on the bottom left corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can VLC convert mp4 to WMV?

In case you do not want to download any third-party software in your device, you can also use VLC to convert your mp4 file to wmv format. VLC Media Player is a cross-platform player that is very convenient to use and it is free too.

Q2 Is mp4 better than WMV?

MP4 is one of the most popular formats and it can play on almost all devices and players. MPEG-4 is a container file format that is used to store audio and video files in compressed form, which makes it's sharing easy on the internet.

On the other hand, WMV is also a compressed file format. Since it was developed by Windows it is mainly used in Windows devices. Its size is also smaller than MP4.

Q3 Can Windows Media Player convert WMV to mp4?

No Windows Media Player cannot be used to convert MP4 to WMV. The conversion can be done using a VLC player, online converter, or any third party software.

Q4. Is WMV the same as mp4?

 No, they are not the same. WMV is not a lossy format whereas MP4 is. Both formats are great depending on the taste and situation of the user. MP4 is compatible with almost all media players and portable devices. It is the best option for MAC, UNIX, and Linux devices. On the other hand, WMV works better on Windows PC and Tablets.

Q5 Which is the best video format AVI WMV mp4?

MP4 is the best video format. All digital platforms use this format. It can store audio, video, texts, and images. Despite small file sizes, it can retain high-quality videos.

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