Best MP4 to AVCHD Converter
  • Convert large MP4 files to AVCHD in less than a minute.
  • Enable GPU acceleration for 30X Faster Processing.
  • Supporting more than 1000 formats for video conversion.
  • Advanced AI technology with constant updates.
  • Other inbuilt features: Video Compressor, Video Downloader, and Video Editor.

“How do I convert MP4 to AVCHD?” – Anonymous

The entire post is going to be a solution to the above answer. If you want to convert MP4 to AVCHD format, you want to upgrade the file size and original video quality. Even though the MP4 is a standard format, people still look for AVCHD format compatible with Blu-ray Disc format, xv. color technology, and several other media recording devices. The AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) format is invented by Sony and Panasonic to provide the best codec for recording videos. On the other hand, MP4 uses MPEG-4 LC-AAC codec for audio and MPEG-4 H.264/AVC codec for video.

After considering the above facts for MP4 and AVCHD, let’s study the favorite 6 MP4 to AVCHD converters for Mac as follows.

Part 1. How do I find the top-performing MP4 to AVCHD Converter freeware?

It will help if you are looking for certain factors while selecting the top-performing MP4 to AVCHD Converters. First of all, you have to decide the kind of platform you want for video conversion. It can be either an online or offline platform where you are required to install the software. As you Google best MP4 to AVCHD Converter Mac, many online and free options worth considering. Going deep into each solution will get you to know the pros and cons discussed in the later sections.

Before we start the discussion on video converters, the next section has mentioned the critical selection factors.

Part 2. Certain Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best MP4 to AVCHD Converter Mac

Given below are the essential factors to choose the best MP4 to AVCHD Converters Mac 2021.

1. Factors in choosing the best MP4 to AVCHD Converter for Mac

Easy user interface

The simple user interface is a crucial factor when it comes to video conversion. Even if it is advanced, a video converter must be comfortable using an effortless user experience. All the essential buttons for adding media and modification must be over the main interface.


Your selected video converter must be versatile in terms of compatibility. It should be compatible with different devices, including Windows and Mac operating systems. The compatibility also comes about format support. You need to have a video converter that supports more than 1000 video formats in the present era.

Speed & Convenience

The speed and convenience equally matter due to the large sizes of video clips. Yes, the factor is highly important when you have to convert large video files. Most of the online converters available are not that great at speed because of ads and the website's slow loading speed. Thus, make sure to look for either a speedy website or software.

The next factor, convenience counts when you can access other customizable features during video conversions, such as editing and compression.

2. Best MP4 to AVCHD Converter for Mac

Aicoosoft Video Converter

Aicoosoft Video Converter is designed in such a way that all the above-mentioned critical factors are fulfilled. It provides you with an ultimate solution to video conversion, video editing, video downloading, and video compression. Apart from converting MP4 to AVCHD, 1000+ more audio/video formats are supported along with conversion in just a single click. There should be no looking back when you get so much convenience in one place.

Key features of Aicoosoft Video Converter

  • It can easily convert MP4 to AVCHD within a matter of seconds by enabling the GPU acceleration.
  • You can customize videos with various editing tools during the process of conversion.
  • It supports more than 1000 formats for conversion, editing, compression, and downloading purposes.
  • Aicoosoft, integrated with advanced R&D technology, further takes responsibility for constant updates.
  • Despite being the advanced video converter, you will feel the installation process and user interface pretty simple with the entire main interface's essential buttons.

3. How to convert MP4 to AVCHD with Aicoosoft Video Converter?

Step 1Upload MP4 video files

After you complete installing the Aicoosoft software, it’s time to upload the MP4 video files to convert to AVCHD by clicking the Add Files button.

Step 2Choose output video format

Now, you need to select the AVCHD as an output format and then hit the Convert button to start the video conversion.

Step 3Complete the conversion process

The video conversion process will complete in few seconds after you hit the Convert button. So, this is all simple you need to do!

Part 3. Top 5 MP4 to AVCHD Freeware

As we have mentioned above, it’s better to compare Aicoosoft with other MP4 to AVCHD video converter freeware with their respective pros and cons as follows.

1. Freeconvert

Let's start with Freeconvert as the most straightforward and free video conversion and compression tool. The user interface is quite primary, including conversion and compression tools for images, videos, documents, and audios. To convert MP4 to AVCHD with Freeconvert, you are only required to select the target format and supported device.
  • Simple & Basic user interface
  • Both video compression and conversion tools
  • Only efficient as video compressor than conversion

2. Any Video Converter (AVC)

Any Video Converter is another popular video conversion tool which is also available in a free trial version. With AVC, you can also rip files from discs or download them from Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, and more by applying different effects and filters. It further comes with other conversion presets from which you need to select Convert MP4 to AVCHD or select the target format over the main interface.
  • Various features
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Limited features in free version

3. Online-Convert

Here’s a free online converter with different conversion categories. As you enter the official website, all the conversion categories such as Document Converter, Image Converter, Video Converter, Audio Converter, etc. are listed over there. So, you are required to hit their Video Converter tab to convert MP4 to AVCHD.
  • Different conversion categories
  • All free converters
  • Slow loading speed with size limitations

4. VLC

The VLC Media Player is also immensely popular due to different reasons. First of all, it’s a free media player with support to lots of file formats. It offers everything, including streaming, format support, and downloading, etc. However, it would help if you learn about the VLC Media Player to convert MP4 to AVCHD free.
  • Lots of media playing features
  • Highly popular as a media player
  • The complicated video conversion process

5. Handbrake

Handbrake is a famous yet outdated video transcoder with exciting features. It also consists of a queuing tray that supports batch conversions. You can also check the live preview within this free software. First of all, you need to install the Handbrake software to convert MP4 to AVCHD Mac. Then, a series of steps to upload the media and selecting the output format is required.
  • Compatible with various DVD and video formats
  • Free offline software
  • Complicated and slow video conversion process.


Here we'd like to end our discussion on six favorite MP4 to AVCHD Converter for Mac with their respective features, pros, and cons. You can compare the pros and cons of all the six tools from the above information and will notice the worthy qualities of the video conversion software called Aicoosoft surpass all others. So, try all software; however, consider the best for the best performance always.

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