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  • Quickly convert HEVC to MP4 and over 1000 video/audio formats 
  • Experience 30X media conversion/compression speed with quality maintenance
  • Convert, compress, edit, record videos and burn DVDs freely 

Do you wish to convert your HEVC files to MP4 for free on PC/Online? Continue reading to find out how you can accomplish this without compromising the quality of your file. 

HEVC also referred to as High Efficiency Video Coding is a software library built to help you encode videos and images into HEVC video compression format. Another media format capable of doing this is the AVC format but it's the incapability to maintain video quality at half the bitrate makes the HEVC a better compression codec. Recent research has projected that the demand for HEVC files will skyrocket in a few years to come. With these great benefits, this media format however has a setback- it's unsupported on most media players, PC, and smartphones. And for this, a how-to guide titled ’ultimate guide to converting HEVC files to MP4 online’ has been written and will be shared with you in this article.

Part 1. Top 3 Free Converters to Convert HEVC to MP4 Online

There is an endless number of web-based video converting programs over the Internet, however, we will discuss the top 3. Detailed information about each online video converter you can use for your HEVC/MP4 conversion is given below. Also, the pros and cons are shared to help you understand the toolkit and whether or not it suits your requirements. 


FreeFileConvert is a popular web-based video encoding program designed for ripping media files from one format to another, especially to the MP4 format. This handy software works on multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile devices. You do not need to install or register to use it. What is required of you is to import your desired HEVC file using the drag and drop feature, choose an output format to convert the file, then hit the Convert button. Wait some minutes for the process to complete, then download the file on your PC.
  • The user interface for FreeFileConvert is simple and easy to operate
  • No registration or installation is required for you to enjoy the service 
  • Supports more than 50+ file formats 
  • Converted files are immediately deleted from the program database
  • The speed of conversion depends solely on the stability of your internet connection 
  • There is a limitation to the size of the file you convert 


Online Convert, a powerful video converting program, is another one toolkit you can use to execute audio/video file conversion. It can also be used to convert documents, images, ebooks, web-service, and archives files. To use the service, just go on the official website for online-converter, select a source format, insert your desired file, pick an output format, then hit the Convert button to commence the conversion. It's so easy and quick to use. 

  • Over 10 source formats which include documents, videos, audios, images, and many other files are supported by the program 
  • It's absolutely free to use 
  • The speed of conversion is fair 
  • It provides a high level of security against intruders or third parties. This is to ensure no one can access your converted files
  • The quality of the converted file may reduce 
  • You can't convert multiple files at once 
  • You need a strong internet connection to enjoy the service 


AnyConv is another freemium program that you can use to convert your media files (video and audio) between different formats. The toolkit provides you with a smooth user interface so you can easily convert without complaints. You can also use the program to convert documents, images, audio, and video files to more than 300 formats freely and quickly. 

  • Converts files from one format to another 100% Free
  • In case you have problem with downloading converted files, AnyConv supports the mailing of converted files 
  • It deletes uploaded and converted files from its database so third parties or intruders don't access them 
  • Your file size must not exceed 50MB. If it does you will have to pay a premium to convert it 
  • Quality maintenance is not guaranteed 
  • There is no chance for you to upload or convert multiple files at once

Part 2. Ultimate HEVC to MP4 Converter- Aicoosoft Video Converter 

Aicoosoft Video Converter is a multipurpose video encoding and decoding software with an excellent sheer speed of 30X. It's the top-recommended software to get your HEVC/MP4 conversion done. The reason being that it maintains the quality of converted files doesn't require an internet connection or registration, and it's simple to use. With over 1000 output formats supported by this service, you can't complain about not finding the file format of your choice. You can also use it to compress your HD video clips quickly and freely. In addition to this, you are free to download video/audio files of your choice from more than 1000 sites. 


  • With the built-in multi-core processor and GPU accelerator, converting and compressing media files is 30X faster than you could ever imagine.
  • It converts and compresses any file including HD files with zero quality loss.
  • Works perfectly across multiple platforms except for the Linux OS whose version is in production.
  • You can download media files from over 1000 video sharing sites freely and quickly.

Guide to Convert HEVC to MP4 by Aicoosoft Video Converter


Access the official website for Aicoosoft Video Converter from your PC web browser to download and install a compatible version of the software. Run the program after the completion of the installation.


 Insert any HEVC file of your choice that needs conversion by clicking on the Add File option. Or use the drag and drop feature. 


Select your target output format (choose MP4 for this article) to convert the file and then hit the Convert button to start HEVC/MP4 conversion.


Wait some seconds for the process to end, then click on the converted file to preview the content. Once you are done previewing it, export the file to your PC hard drive.


Though we did introduce you to four video encoding and decoding software, we do not recommend you to use the online versions. Rather, you are advised to use the Aicoosoft Video Converter to transform your HEVC to MP4. Do you know why we did make such a conclusion? Well, that's because web-based programs are usually slow, size-specific, and most times don't maintain the quality of the file. All these cons have been worked on by the Aicoosoft Video Converting team to ensure that you have the best video converting process. 

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