Convert DAV to MP4 with High Quality
  • Converts DAV to MP4 30 X faster with no quality loss
  • Supports more than 1000 media formats
  • Additional Features; convert, compress, edit, record videos and rip DVDs

Having a problem with converting DAV files to MP4 online? Continue reading to find the solution to the problem you encounter while trying to rip your DAV files. 

Converting DAV files is now a normal routine for everyone that has content saved in such a format. And this is due to the incompatibility of the format with most players and devices. So you have to transform the file into a more popular format like MP4, or MP3 that is known to be compatible with a lot of devices. To do this, you must have a basic knowledge of how it is done. For that reason, a quick guide will be shared with you in this article to help you accomplish this task

Part 1. Quickly Convert DAV to MP4 with the Best Video Converter

A handy software that is known to have helped many people encode and decode their media files without compromising the quality is the Aicoosoft Video Converter. This award-winning program is built with a simple user interface so end users don't find it hard navigating around. It is composed of a GPU accelerator and multicore processor, two basic components that enhance the speed of conversion and compression to 30X- the highest you will find on the internet. Also, the software allows you to download media files of any format from 1000+ websites freely. Try it now! 


  • It supports over 1000 media formats for you to convert your files.
  • You do not require an internet connection to make use of it.
  • This service converts and compresses files including HD files, DAV, MP4, and many others 30X faster without losing quality.
  • It's built with a GPU accelerator and multicore processor to raise the speed of conversion.
  • More than one file can be converted or compressed with the software.
  • You are free to download any video/audio of your choice from over 1000 video sharing websites.

Guide to Convert DAV to MP4 by Aicoosoft Video Converter

A stepwise guide to help you understand how Aicoosoft Video Converter rip DAV files to MP4 is given below:


Install a suitable version of the software on your PC. Launch it once the installation process is complete. 


Click on the Add Files icon to insert a file with the extension .dav. Alternatively, you could use the drag and drop feature on the program interface. 


Choose a target format to convert the file. Here in this article, we are selecting MP4 as our target format.


Tap on the Convert button to start the conversion of the file. Give the software some minutes to finish the process, then click on the converted file to preview it.

Part 2. Convert DAV to MP4 with Zero Quality Loss

Another way to change your file format from DAV to MP4 is by using a web-based video encoding and decoding program. We’ve got a whopping number of these programs over the Internet, but not all will serve you well. For this part, we will share with you two powerful online video converters that you can use to convert DAV to MP4 freely.


Online-Convert is a professional toolkit designed to help you rip your video and audio files from one format to another. It also supports the conversion of source formats like images, documents, archives, ebooks, and web-service. You do not need to be tech-savvy to make use of this software because of the smooth user interface. Online-Convert provides 24/7 customer support to receive and attend to your complaints should in case you have any. 

  • It supports multiple source formats
  • The user interface is simple and clear so you find it easy to operate 
  • There is no need for you to install software or create a profile to use the service 
  • There are more than 100 media formats to rip your files into
  • The quality of your files might be arbitrated during the conversion process 
  • Your internet connection must be strong enough for the software to quickly convert the files 


FilesConversion as the name implies is an open-source program built for both amateur and expert videographers to convert videos from one media format to another. Also, it can be used for transforming audio files, and archives formats. No installation or sign up process is required to use this web-based video converter. Simply visit the website, insert a file into the system, select and output format, then click on the convert button. 

  • It supports at least 3 source formats with over 200 file formats to convert to
  • Both amateurs and professional find the software handy because of the simple user interface
  • There is a limitation on the size of the file to upload or convert while using the software 
  • Your Internet connection must be stable and strong enough to increase the speed conversion 
  • Multiple files can't be converted using this service 

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some extended knowledge questions and answers to help you understand the DAV/MP4 conversion process: 

What is DAV? 

DAV is the file format obtained from the connection between any digital video recorder (DVR) and a CCTV camera. This media format is often referred to as the modified version of the MPEG format and it's encrypted. 

Why is MP4 better than DAV? 

MP4 is better than DAV because of the compatibility with a multitude of media platforms and devices. 


Convert your DAV files to MP4 using the guide shared in this article. It is simple, fast, and free. Mind you, we did introduce you to 3 programs while explaining the guide. However, we beseech you to use the Aicoosoft Video Converter to change your file format. It's handy, fast, and secured. The quality of your file is maintained during the conversion process. 

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