Best Free MP4 Converter
  • Convert MP4 to more than 1000 formats, and vice versa, without losing quality
  • Download then convert videos to MP4 from 1000+ websites
  • Conversion speed is 30x faster than other MP4 converters
  • More additional functions, such as editing, compressing and recording videos

MP4 or MPEG-4 is digital multimedia, which allows video and audio files and can even store them. It can also store data regarding still images and subtitles. It was developed by the International Organization for Standardization and is a necessary extension of QuickTime Format and MPEG-4 Part- 12. This program is so popular because this software's programme is based on HTML4 language, which is, in turn, compatible with other operating systems. This is the reason for its compatible nature. Like most other modern formats, it allows the streaming of online videos over the net.

Part 1. The most effective MP4 converter for Windows

Aicoosoft Video Converter is a best free MP4 converter for windows 10 because it is fully compatible with windows 10 and you can use it for free using the trial version of the software.

It functions as a converter and comes with tools like 30X video conversion speed, a Professional video compressor, and an In-built Video & Audio Downloader. It can moreover download, edit, convert, compress and scree record videos. This further maintains a balance between speed and output video quality. It can deal with HD quality videos and convert or download them without hampering the quality. These features and 24/7 customer care has led 10,000 and more people satisfied with this product.

Some of the key features of this free MP4 converter are listed down below:

  • It converts your files from one format to another with just few click without any issue.
  • It supports over 1000 formats for converting your audio video files.
  • It also allows you to download the videos from over 10000 websites.
  • You can edit your videos and personalize them with the beautiful effects and filters.
  • There is a built in audio and video player available to preview your files.

How to convert any supported file to MP4 with Aicoosoft Video Converter

Step1Add files

Install and open Aicoosoft Video Convertor, and then add files to convert it into MP4. To add a file, click on the “Add Files” option in the upper left corner.

Step2Select MP4 as output format and convert

After the videos are added, you can choose the output format next. In this context, you have to click inverted triangle under “Output Format” at the screen's right side. Now click on the “Convert” button at the lower right side to start the conversion of your files.

Step3View the converted file

After the conversion is done, the file is automatically stored in a particular folder in your storage. To locate the file, you have to press the “Open Folder” popup which will be opened after the conversion of your files and it shows the location where the converted MP4 file format has been stored.

Part 2. Top 9 best free MP4 converter for Windows

1 - Avidemux

Avidemux is one free MP4 converter windows that come along with a few editing tools. It is programmed to include features like cutting, filtering and encoding a video file. Moreover, it is relatively easy to use, but it has many interactive options before one can convert the video. This essentially means that it takes time during the process of conversion and may keep the user waiting. This free MP4 converter without watermark supports the Operating system of Windows, as well as Mac OSX and Linux.
  • It is lightweight and simple to use.
  • It comes with editing tools. For example, one can add filters to the video after the conversion to get the desired output.
  • It supports the Operating system of not only Windows but also Linus and Mac OSX.
  • This best free MP4 converter is quite outdated.
  • It is too complicated for beginners who are not well known in these types of software.

2 - Lightworks

This best free MP4 converter for windows is comparatively more acknowledged than the previous one. It is relatively advanced than Avidemux and comes with many features and editing and cutter tools. This is said to be used for professional purposes as it also deals with large files without wasting time in processing and converting. Although it has some good features and equipment, it is supposed to be hard for a person to adjust to interacting with this software programme.

  • It contains different editing tools for the desired output.
  • It can work with high-quality videos.
  • It can be used for professional purposes.
  • It might crash sometimes
  • For beginners, this software could be tedious to use and thus needs a long learning process.

3 - VSDC Free Video Editor 

This best free MP4 converter for windows allows you to convert files into an MP4 file format. It further supports files like AVI, MKV, MPG, WMV, etc. This programme is compatible with Windows as well as other mobile devices and gaming consoles. Some of its editing features in-built-in this software are video filters, transitions, audio effects and drawing and selection tools.

  • It provides a lot of varieties of the filter.
  • It allows the user to save different outputs having a similar or different effect depending upon the user.
  •  Resources like CPU and RAM of premium quality is required.

4 - Free Video Cutter

This program was designed based on converting formats and other features, one of which is cutting videos. It can even join and merge videos and portions of a clip/ clips. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and various other operating systems. The cutting feature can be used for multiple purposes, for example, to create a new video using short clips for different videos.

  • It is user-friendly.
  • It has a convincing video cutter.
  • It is quite unprofessional to use.

5 - Freemake Video Converter

It is somewhat similar to the previous software as it is a convertor and comes with a quality of video cutting. It supports MP4 file format, and after the conversion of the video, one can add or merge clips or other videos to give a creative outcome. It can also burn the finished videos on DVD or Blu-ray automatically. Lastly, it is easy to use and well-programmed software.
  • It has a clear interface and is relatively straightforward for anyone to use.
  • It is compatible with various other formats, including MP4.
  • It can crash sometimes.

6 - Movica

This video converter is mechanized on other open-source scripting files and further creates an interface for those systems. Like all other converters, it comes with many useful tools that are often used after the conversion is done. It supports MP4 format files, and other formats like both .wma and .mp3 extension audio files can also be stored.
  • It has a set of useful tools.
  • It supports audio format files, like MP3.
  • It can contain malwares.

7 - Virtual Dub

This converter/editor comes in a single package that supports and allows conversion of the MP4 format. It is mainly focused on the editing features more than its converting features. The interface is clustered as the feature set of this programme is complicated and lengthy. It’s most essential feature is the cutting feature, which can cut videos without giving an unprofessional outcome to the user.

  • It comes along with effective editing tools.
  • It is simple to use.
  • It has issues with downloading large-high-quality files.

8 - Online Video Cutter

This online converter is somewhat different from others. This being an online offering does not have to download or install files. One has to go to the particular website and select a video. This video appears on the software, and further, you can convert the video or use some in-built editing tools that come along with this programme.

  • It can transfer online videos, and there’s no need for wasting storage by downloading it.
  • It is unable to work with large or high-quality files

9 - Online Convert

It is used as a basic Video Convertor as it provides the necessary tools of conversion and some other tools programmed in the software. Although it is free to use, there are some pop-up ads featured on this software. It comprises some basic editing option, can also burn to disk and download files. Moreover, it can deal with files of 4k in this free version, without having to wait a long time for the output.

  • It offers all the features for free.
  • It can work with videos having 4k resolution.
  • It has a lot of pop-up advertisement issues, and it interrupts the converting process.


After gathering knowledge about other convertors, one can see the difference between Aicoosoft Video Converter and other Video Convertors. Besides the large package of features programmed into this software, it also provides security guarantees 24 /7 customer service. It has satisfied more than 10,000 people across the world with its service and programmed features. One must have been thinking if it has many features, then it must be confusing and complex to use, but its primary quality is that it is user-friendly and can be used by everyone.

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