Aicoosoft Video Converter User Guide 

How to use Aicoosoft video converter, step by step detailed user guide
For Windows 10/8/7
For macOS 10.13 or later
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How to install an audio driver on Mac computer

You can easily install an audio driver on your Mac computer follow these steps beblow:

Step 1Install Soundflower on Your Mac

  1. Download Soundflower through this link Soundflower-2-0b2.dmg on your Mac, click it to open the file.

2.. Double click this Soundflower icon, a window will pop up soon, tap “OK”

3. You will enter “Security & Privacy” window, click “Open Anyway”

4. Then, just click “Open” continue.

5. After that, the Soundflower will be installed successful.

Step 2Set your sound output on your Mac

  1. Find and click “Audio MIDI Setup” through this path Launchpad -> Others, click "+" in the lower left corner to add a “Multi-Output Device”.

2. Check “Soundflower(2ch)” and “Built-in Output” in Audio Device, and choose the middle one in this column of Drift Correction.

3. Go to System Preferences -> Sound,select “Multi-Output Device” in Output.

Now, you can record your screen with audio without any problem.

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