Convert VOB to MOV
  • Convert VOB to MOV losslessly and 30× faster
  • Convert video/audio files into over 1000 formats efficiently
  • Supports downloads and conversion of videos from 1000+ streaming websites
  • More functions: Edit, compress, and convert HD/4K without hampering video

Did you just notice your favorite DVD movie won't play on your Mac/Windows device? Then you need to find out the easiest ways to convert VOB to MOV losslessly. So stick to this page and let's walk you through the process of converting your VOB video file.

VOB is a format used in storing DVD videos, and it contains multiple videos and audio streams, DVD menu, and Subtitle. While many Mac and Windows computer support VOB format, most mobile devices don't! So if you want to stream a video in VOB format on your smartphones conveniently, you'll need to convert VOB to MOV. 

Nevertheless, VOB to MOV conversion process requires a fast and efficient VOB to MOV converter, which will be introduced in this article. And you'll also discover the best online tool and freeware program to convert VOB to MOV free and effectively. Hence read on to find out more.

Can I Convert VOB to MOV on Mac/Windows?

A quick answer is YES! You can convert VOB to MOV using the powerful Aicoosoft video converting tool. Moreover, built-in apps like VLC, QuickTime, and iMovie will allow you to convert videos on Mac/Windows conveniently. And you can also use an online tool.  Keep reading to find out more about the step-by-step guides to use these efficient methods!

Part 1: Fastest and Most Effective VOB to MOV Converter on Windows/Mac

Like I said before, Aicoosoft Video Converter is one of the most powerful VOB to MOV converter tested and trusted by millions of users from all over the world. This efficient converting software allows you to convert, edit, and compress your videos in only a few clicks conveniently. With the use of AI technology, Aicoosoft converts videos at a lightning-fast speed without hampering any aspect of your videos.

Also, this advanced video converter is tagged as an all-in-one video converting tool. If you ask Why? This is because the Aicoosoft software trim, crop, resize, and adjust videos conveniently. And another wonderful thing is its highly-intuitive user-interface making it easy for individuals of any level to use.

Key Features

  • Powerful built-in video downloader that allows the download of videos in over 1000 formats from 1000+ streaming websites.
  • Advanced AI technology that allows conversion of HD/4K videos losslessly.
  • Aicoosoft is an all-in-One video converter that allows the editing and compression of videos within one click.
  • 30x faster VOB to MOV conversion speed.


Install and start up the Aicoosoft video converter on  Mac/Windows to begin the process. Then add your VOB video file from your computer. You can also add a folder by clicking the triangular icon beside the Add Files button.


At the top right corner of the screen, select the Output Format as MOV. 


Hit the Convert button at the bottom-right corner to convert VOB to MOV on Mac.


 Finally, access your converted video by clicking the Folder icon near the convert button.

Part 2: How Can I Convert VOB to MOV Free on Mac?

If you're looking to convert VOB video file to MOV free on Mac, it's advisable to employ one of the freeware programs on the computer. Although built-in apps like iMovie, QuickTime, and VLC can get the job done for you faultlessly, we've opted for only one. Thus use the step-by-step guide below to convert VOB to MOV on Mac free using the QuickTime movie player.

Convert VOB to MOV using QuickTime Mac


Click the File in the menu bar and select “export to” to export the video in a specific format once the VOB video is imported to QuickTime.


On the next page select the format destination to proceed.


On the next window select “export” and change the general format options if required to finish the process in full.

Part 3: Convert VOB to MOV Free on Windows10

Just like the Mac computer, Windows10 has it's a built-in video streaming freeware program that allows conversion of VOB to MOV fast and effectively. Yes, the VLC software! VLC is an open-source lightweight media player on Windows10, which plays video files of different formats, DVD movies, and all audio files. VLC is also known for its unique ability to convert videos into different formats quickly. So follow the steps below to convert VOB to MOV free.


Launch VLC on your Windows10 computer> click on Media in the menu bar> choose Convert/Save from the drop-down list.


Click  Add on the right-hand side to select the VOB file and click on the Convert/Save button beneath. 


Click on the Settings icon beside the drop-down arrow to select the profile edition. And on the new windows page, choose MP4/MOV as the new format. Then click Create at the bottom corner to verify the changes.


In the final step, click Browse to select the destination of your new file. Then click Start to commence with the VOB to MOV conversion operation.

Part 4: Top Free and Unlimited Online VOB to MOV Converter

Online Video Converter is referred to as one of the best web applications for converting videos online, as it produces lossless quality video files within a few clicks. This online tool gives you free access to convert VOB to MOV free and unlimited online and supports a wide variety of video formats. However, Online Video Converter is user-friendly meaning, it's perfect for users at all levels, and conversion speed is superb. See steps to convert VOB to MOV free online below.


 Visit Online Video Converter official website via


Add the Link/File of the VOB video you want to convert.


Select MOV as the format you're willing to convert the VOB file.


Hit the Start button to begin the conversion process. Afterward, click on the Download button to save and access your new file.


All the VOB to MOV conversion methods introduced in this article is the best you can ever employ to convert your VOB video files to MOV. However, if you prefer using more advanced functions, it's advisable to utilize the powerful Aicoosoft video converter because it features better comprehensive functionality.

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