Convert MOV to WAV (2021)
  • Convert MOV to WAV 30×faster without losing quality
  • Supports conversion of audio/video files into more than 1000 formats
  • Download videos from 1000+ streaming website 
  • More features: Edit, and compress videos, and rip DVD handily

Have you ever got stuck in a situation where your MOV video is unable to play on other devices? The fact is you need to convert MOV to a format that's accepted on all devices. In such a condition, you require not only an ordinary video converting tool but a powerful video converter that can help maintain a perfect balance between conversion speed and video output quality.

Besides, it's always a great experience to have videos that can be played on all devices anytime, anywhere. Fortunately, this guide is prepared for just that same reason. So keep reading to discover the fastest and most effective free and online ways to convert MOV to WAV flawlessly.

Part 1: What's the Best MOV to WAV Converter Software on Mac and Windows?

You've tried too many video converter app, but many never gave you the quality output you wanted. Then Aicoosoft video converting software is what you need to help execute your MOV to WAV conversion operation efficiently.

The good thing about Aicoosoft Video Converter is it doesn't only convert videos, it also supports editing and compression of videos. Making it an all-in-one tool for anyone looking to convert his/her videos. However, the conversion speed of this tool is lightning-fast and can never be compared with other video converters you see online. And it supports the conversion of videos into over 1000 formats and downloads from 1000+ video streaming websites. There's a lot you can do with your videos when you've got video converters like Aicoosoft, so we recommend you to reach out for it.

Key Features

  • All-in-one video converting tools that edit, compress, and convert videos in only one click without losing quality.
  • Aicoosoft uses an avant-garde GPU accelerator to enhance video conversion speed up to 30x faster.
  • Supports video downloads from over 1000 websites and converts HD/4K videos with high quality.

How to Convert MOV to WAV without Losing Quality


Startup the powerful Aicoosoft video converter on  Mac/Windows to begin the process. After that, add your MOV video file from you Mac/Windows computer. And you can add folder by clicking the triangular icon positioned next to the Add files button.


At the top right corner of the pane, click the drop-down arrow in Output Format and select WAV from the drop-down list.


Start MOV to WAV conversion process by clicking on the Convert button at the bottom right corner.


In the final step, click the Folder icon positioned next to the convert button to view your converted video file.

Part 2: Can I Convert MOV to WAV on Mac?

Mac has built-in apps that allow you to playback your video files and also support the conversion of videos into a few different formats. Yes, these freeware programs are QuickTime and iMovie. And in this section, we'll show you a simple step-by-step guide to convert MOV to WAV using QuickTime movie player.


Open your MOV file via the QuickTime app on your Mac computer. 



Click "File" and select "Export." Click "Sound to Wave" in the "Save Exported File As..." pop-up. Your file will now have the WAV file extension.


Rename your file, if needed. Click "Options" to change your bit rates or channel settings, if needed. Click "Save."

Part 3: How Can I Convert MOV to WAV free On Windows10?

VLC is one of the best and most popular video players on Windows10 that supports playback and conversion of videos into different formats efficiently. But it's sad to know that only a few have an idea of how to use VLC to convert MOV to WAV. Thus if you're among that caliber of folks, use the step-by-step to convert your MOV video to WMV on Windows10 instantly.


Launch VLC on your Windows10 computer> click on Media in the menu bar> select Convert/Save from the drop-down menu.


Click Add on the right-hand side to select the MOV file and click on the Convert/Save button beneath.


Click on the Settings icon beside the drop-down arrow to select the profile edition. And in the new windows page, select WAV as the format you want to convert your MOV file. Then click Save to apply the changes made.


Finally, click on browse to select the file destination and hit the Start button to begin MOV to WAV conversion process.

Part 4: Top rated free and Unlimited Online MOV to WAV Converter

Convert2mp3 is an efficient yet highly-intuitive online video converter that takes care of all video conversion demands. It supports the conversion of video into different formats within a few clicks free and unlimited. Hence, if you're looking to convert your video URL, this web application gives you the ultimate access to convert MOV to WMV free and more effectively. See steps to convert MOV to WAV using Convert2mp3 below.


Copy the URL of the MOV file you want to convert and paste in the 'Insert video link' box. Then click the drop-down icon beside the search box to select WAV format.


Click the convert button and be patient while the conversion process gets completed. Afterward, download the converted video file for easy access.


Converting MOV to WAV is very easy If you employ one of the methods introduced on the page. However, the best answer to convert MOV to WAV without hampering any aspect of your video is the Aicoosoft video converter. This is because the Aicoosoft video converter is faster, efficient, and more reliable to get your MOV to WAV conversion process done perfectly within the blink of an eye. 

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