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The conversion of videos is one of the most difficult tasks if we talk about a decade ago. All thanks to technology, you can now find thousands of tools and converters that can be used to convert FLV to MOV. While some of these tools are free others, are paid, and some browsers extensions support online conversion of videos only by uploading the files directly from the system for the conversion. Thus this article will explain the different top free ways to convert FLV to MOV using different programs and converters. And fortunately, you'll find out the best all-in-one video converter that converts FLV to MOV in a lightning-fast manner. So read on to discover the unknown.

Part 1: Best FLV to MOV video converting Software

If you want hassle-free conversion, Aicoosoft Video Converter is one of the fastest and the most reliable programs to get the work done with perfection. It supports all the processor cores while converting the video and thus enabling to get the HD videos with ease. With 1000+ formats support it is one of the best video converters to date.

Nonetheless, Aicoosoft supports editing and compression of videos without hampering any aspect of the videos. And the stunning fact is you can do all these only in one click. If you are still doubting, I advise you to download this powerful tool and check it out yourself. Meanwhile, I have listed some of the key features below.

Key Features

  • There is no effect on the video quality as Aicoosoft provides high-quality videos in no time.
  • 1000+ formats are supported making it one of the best converters of all times.
  • It is not only a video converter but a reliable editor as well.
  • Lightning-fast speed makes it one of the best tools to convert FLV to MOV file.

How to Convert FLV to MOV with High Quality


Download the Aicoosoft video converter and launch it on your Mac or Windows computer. After that, drag and drop your FLV video file or click the Add button to select the file. And you can add a Folder by clicking on the Triangular icon at the top-left corner of the pane.


Click on the drop-down arrow in Output Format and select MOV as the format you want to convert the FLV video file.


Click on the Convert button to begin FLV to MOV conversion process.


After that, you can get easy access to the converted video file by clicking on the Folder icon at the bottom-right corner.

Part 2: How can I convert FLV to MOV on Mac free?

Mac has made the process of converting FLV to MOV free and hassle-free. Two of the most important apps that can be used for the purpose are QuickTime and iMovie. But this time, we will deal with video conversion using QuickTime. It will answer the questions such as how to convert FLV to MOV on Mac free.


Select “export to” to export the video in a specific format once the video is imported to QuickTime.


 On the next page, select the format destination to proceed.


On the next window, select “export” and change the general format options if required to finish the process in full.

Part 3: How do I convert FLV to MOV with VLC?

VLC is one of the best and most used video players on the market. Few know that it is also used as a video converter as well. It is a free FLV to MOV converter that will get the work done with perfection. With this tool, it is easy to convert movies with ease and as per desire.


Launch VLC on your Windows/Mac computer> click on Media in the menu bar> choose Convert/Save from the drop-down list.


Click  Add on the right-hand side to select the FLV file then click on the Convert/Save button beneath. 


Click on the Settings icon beside the drop-down arrow to select the profile edition. And in the new windows page, select MP4/MOV as the new format. Then click Create at the bottom corner to confirm the changes.


In the final step, click Browse to select the destination of your new file. Then click Start to start the FLV to MOV conversion operation.

Part 4: Best free online tool to convert FLV to MOV online fast

The Online Video Converter is one of the best and most used online video converters. To convert FLV to MOV online free, this is the tool that has all the capabilities. It makes the process fast and reliable when it comes to FLV to MOV. 


Visit the URL to begin the process.


Upload the video file/URL on the next screen


Select the output format as MOV from the list of dropdowns


Click on the Start button to convert the FLV video file to MOV and download the converted file to complete the process. 

Tips for converting FLV to MOV on Mac/Windows

  • Always use a converter that is safe and fast and supports multiple formats.
  • Prefer a converter that has editing tools as well in case more additions are required to the video.
  • FLV is a flash video so make sure that there is a flash player installed so that the video can be checked before conversion.
  • The HD result provider converter is always recommended, and it is for the result enhancements.
  • If you have multiple files that are to be converted, make sure that all are uploaded at a single time to save time and effort.


There are many ways to make sure that the FLV format is converted to MOV. The best answer to the question i.e. how to convert FLV to MOV is Aicoosoft. It is fast, efficient, and reliable to get the work done with perfection. With Aicoosoft you get additional help in editing as well. It is the only converter that embeds AI which means that it will get you superior results in less time. Make your life easier with Aicoosoft, as it is backed by a strong team of professionals that will get all the necessary updates. With huge format support, it's no doubt Aicoosoft is the future of video conversion. 

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