Convert MFX to MOV Seamlessly
  • Lightning-fast MXF to MOV converter that doesn't compromise video quality
  • Support the conversion of MXF/MOV files to more than 1000 formats
  • Download and record audio/video files from over 1000 websites
  • All-in-One function: Edit, compress videos, and rip DVD easily.

MXF is a container format that is mainly used in devices like Sony Handycam, Panasonic, Canon Video Recorder, etc. It is usually the most common format that various digital camcorders records. Even though MXF has the potential for recording high-quality videos, it tends not to be a supported format on Windows and Mac computers. So if you're in that situation where your interview is in a few minutes, and you need to convert MFX to a format that'll be compatible with your Mac/Windows for easy playback, you're on the right track to finding the right solution in a jiffy. We've introduced three reliable ways that will convert MXF to MOV seamlessly on Mac/Windows. So check them out before time runs out.

Part 1: Best and most cost-effective MXF to MOV converter for Mac/Windows?

Are you looking for the best and most cost-effective 30x faster MXF to MOV converter? The fact is there are numerous MXF converters are available online! But only the Aicoosoft Video Converter can convert MXF to MOV lightning-fast without hampering any aspect of the video.

Aicoosoft is a converting software designed with an advanced AI technology that makes it versatile and enables the software tool to carry out MXF to MOV conversion process efficiently.

Besides, Aicoosoft supports over 1000 video/audio formats and video/audio downloads from 1000+ video streaming websites. And on top of that, this highly-intuitive avant-garde conversion software comes with unusual handy tools that enable you to compress and edit your videos in only one click.  You can't be mistaken when you employ Aicoosoft to convert your videos on any device, so try it today.

Key Features

  • Supports multi-core processor optimization and GPU Acceleration that helps to maintain an excellent balance between conversion speed and output quality.
  • Using advanced video merging and editing functions, Aicoosoft video converter allows you to trim, apply filters, adjust the background noise, and do a lot more without compromising the video quality.
  • Microsoft utilizes powerful technology that allows you to convert DVDs, record videos, and download videos without hassles.

Best Reliable way to convert MXF to MOV Losslessly on Mac/Windows


Insert the file that you need to convert into the software for conversion. You can drag and drop or click the “Add Files” button available at the top left corner to add your MXF video file.


On the right side of the program, choose the format that you wish to convert your file. You'll select MOV format this time.


At the lower and extreme right button click on the “Convert” button to convert MXF to MOV.


Once the MXF to MOV conversion is through, you will find the output file in the target folder. All you need to do is click on the “Open Folder” button to get your file.

Part 2: How do I convert MXF to MOV for free on Mac OS? 

For most of you who are planning to play MXF files in VLC, QuickTime Player, or iMovie, you will need to convert these files to another format that is compatible with your player. To be able to make MXF files viewable on a Mac through VLC, QuickTime, or iMovie, we suggest you follow these steps to convert MXF to MOV using QuickTime Mac :


Select “export to” to export the video in a specific format once the video is imported to QuickTime.


On the next page, select the format destination to proceed.


On the next page, select “export”, and modify the general format options if required to finish the process in full.

Part 3: Fastest MXF to MOV Online Converter

For various reasons to those of you who don’t want to download or install software on your computer, free online converters are the right options. Another fast MXF to MOV converter that you can choose from is Online Video Converter. This converter of great choice and is fully compatible with all modern browsers as its conversion utility offers high quality and super-fast conversions to many audio and video formats. With just four simple steps you can enjoy online conversion without downloading or installing anything on your computer.


First, visit the Online Video Converter website by clicking on the URL


For conversion, you can either paste the link of the MXF choose a file from the device that you need to convert.


Choose the MOV format that you need to convert the MXF file.


Finally, you need to click on the Start button to start the conversion process.

  • It is free and easily accessible
  • No software download or installation is needed.
  • It can convert video files to a wide variety of formats. 
  • It may not be ideal for batch conversions
  • It limits the size of videos you can upload and convert
  • Internet connection is needed for its working


Well, it’s pretty easy to convert MXF files to MOV or any other types of file format using an online converter; however, it all depends on the internet connection and has a limited size of videos that you can upload. So, for a faster-converting speed without any limitations, the Aicoosoft video converter is the best MXF to MOV converter for you.

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