Convert MOV to MPG without Losing Quality
  • Convert MOV to MPG 30x faster without compromising video quality
  • Supports conversion of video/audio files into over 1000 formats
  • Supports unlimited downloads of video/audio files from more than 1000 video streaming sites
  • All-in-One functions: Record, edit, and compress videos and rip DVD efficiently 

You just transferred the video of an intriguing movie on your Mac OS to another device, but you're getting an error message saying 'Format not supported' or 'Invalid Format'. Then you need to convert MOV to a format that's supported generally on all devices. 

Fortunately, this article is a concise step-by-step guide on different effective methods that'll enable you to convert MOV to MPG within a short while. Whether you are looking to use an online tool, avant-garde video converting software, or an efficient freeware program, this is a solution to your problem. So stick to this page, and let's walk you through the process of how to convert MOV to MPG losslessly on all devices.

Part 1: What's the Fastest and Most Effective MOV to MPG Converter on Mac/Windows?

If you are looking for a fast and effective way of converting your videos while maintaining the quality with the assistance of top tier technology, “AICOOSOFT” provides an outstanding MOV to MPG conversion process.

Aicoosoft Video Converter is a highly-intuitive software tool that supports the conversion of video/audio files into over 1000 formats with a 30x faster lightning-fast speed. Also, this is renowned for its all-in-one characteristics, meaning you can edit, convert, and compress your MOV/MPG videos without any stress. I bet you never find any video converter, either online or software that provides an excellent balance between conversion speed and output video quality. Meanwhile, check out some of its key features below.

Key Features

  • Lightning-fast MOV to MPG converter that doesn't compromise video quality and has the potential to convert video/audio files into more than 1000 formats.
  • Highly compatible video converter with an all-in-one feature that supports editing, compression, and conversion of videos within a few clicks without hampering any aspect of the video.
  • Also, Aicoosoft can record and download videos in any formats from over 1000 websites efficiently.

How to Convert MOV tO MPG Losslessly on Mac and Windows Computer


Download and install the software. Then using either the “Add Files” button or drag and drop method, you can add your MOV file that needs to be converted.


Once you have added the file, from the “Output Format” menu, select “to MPG. And you can customize the parameters of the output video if you like. 


Finally, press the “Convert” button on the bottom right corner to start the conversion process. 


Get quick access to your converted video file by clicking the Folder icon beside the Convert button.

Part 2: How Can I Convert MOV TO MPG on Mac/Windows Free 

When it comes to converting videos on Mac/Windows computer free, freeware programs like VLC can get the job done quickly with high quality. And the process is fast and concise. Follow the steps below to convert MOV to MPG in a hassle-free way.


In the first phase, launch the VLC freeware program on your Windows/Mac operating system> click on Media in the menu bar > select Convert/Save from the drop-down list.


Click on the Add button at the right-hand side of your computer screen > select the MOV file > and click on the Convert/Save button beneath.


Click on the Settings icon in the Profile section to bring up Profile edition > Rename the video > and then check the MPEG as the output for your video format.


Click on the Browse button to select the destination for your file. After that, hit the Start button to initiate the MOV to MPG conversion process.

Part 3: Best way to convert MOV to MPG online Free 

Another common method of converting videos is using online tools. Although there are lots of online video converters popping up every day, Online-Convert is one of the few powerful highly-intuitive web application that enables users to convert MOV to MPG hassle-free. However, Online-Convert is a free and unlimited diverse conversion tool, meaning you can convert audio files, images, PDFs, and lots more efficiently. The process of converting files on this web application is very straightforward. So utilize the step-by-step guide below to convert MOV to MPG free and unlimited.


Visit Online-Convert official website via


Click on the Video Converter option and select MPG as the output format from the drop-down list. 


Afterward, drag and drop or select the MOV file you want to convert from your computer. Then click on Start Conversion to commence the MOV to MPG conversion process.


After the conversion process is completed, click on download to access your new file.

  • Platform independent. That means you don't have to look for software that is compatible with the operating system of your company. (eg: MAC OS/Windows)
  • Easy to use. You don't have to get yourself familiar with certain standalone software. Also, most of them are free with added features that come with a price tag. But it should be noted some of these tools will not be a match to a standalone software.
  • Cannot work well in the absence of a strong internet connection.
  • May take a long time to convert files.
  • Cannot store converted files on the app for a long time.


Converting any video these days seems pretty easy with the advent of tools that are available today. A simple search on google will give a list of easy tools to do this. But it can be a daunting task to go through these lists. So it would be good to have some idea about what some of these tools or apps can do. Since MPG is a commonly used format in videos these days, we recommend you download the powerful Aicoosoft video converter to make the conversion process easy and 30x faster with high quality.

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