Best WMV Compressor 2020
  • Customize to compress WMV videos with high quality.

  • Reduce then convert WMV videos to any format you want.

  • Convert WMV videos with 30x faster video convertersion speed.

  • More functions to efficiently edit, download, record and share your WMV videos.
I want to upload a WMV video on a website but the file has a very large size. I don't want to compromise on the video quality. Is there any way to reduce WMV file size or compress them?  Yes, you can easily compress WMV files to a smaller size without sacrificing on the quality. WMV was developed by Microsoft as a video extension for the ASF container format. WMV works on both Windows and Mac but you need to compress WMV files before uploading on sharing them because they have a large size and most web services have a size limit. You can find the best WMV Compressor to effectively reduce WMV file size in this article.

Part 1. How to compress WMV video online and free?

There are many WMV compressors online which you can be used but not all of them are free. Online Converter is not only easy to use but it is also free. You can convert, compress or edit WMV files of up to 200 MB with this tool. 
  • You can use it free of cost
  • It has a maximum file size limit of 200 MB
  • It doesn't allow you to compress multiple files
  • You can only compress the file in the same format

How to compress WMV videos online

To compress WMV file free and online follow these steps:

Step1Launch the Website

Open the website of Online Converter

Step2Add WMV files

Choose the WMV file you want to compress from your computer. As there is a file size limit you can only upload a file of up to 200 MB. Click Open.

Step3Adjust the settings

Customize the file size of the output video. Adjust the Audio Quality.

Step4Compress WMV file free and download the output

Click on Compress and download the output video to your desired destination.

Part 2. The best WMV compressor to compress WMV without loss quality

Aicoosoft Video Converter has the most sophisticated AI technology to fulfill all your video editing, compressing, converting, and downloading needs. With its super-fast compression and conversion speed, it beats all the other WMV compressors in the market. With an advanced video editor, cut the video with ease, edit, and merge the different parts of the video with just one click. Record video games, tutorials, teaching videos, etc. with its powerful screen recorder. Convert and compress HD videos with its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Key features

  • Secure and saves your precious time
  • Converts and Compress HD/4K videos
  • 30X faster speed to compress WMV files
  • Supports more than 1000 audio and video formats
  • 1000+ websites to download videos
  • Compress, convert, edit, record, or download videos with just one click
  • Powerful GPU acceleration
  • Lossless Conversion Technology
  • No compromise on video Quality
  • Multicore processor optimization
  • No file size limit or watermark 
  • Can work without internet

How to compress WMV without loss quality?

If you want to compress WMV files without compromising on their quality then use the Aicoosoft Video Converter. Here is how you can do it:

Step1Download and Install Aicoosoft Video Converter

Go to and click on download to install this WMV compressor for free. Install it on your computer by following the on-screen instructions.

You can also buy a yearly or lifetime package to endlessly explore its pro features with just as low as 14.99$.

Step2 Launch the WMV Compressor

After the installation is complete open the Aicoosoft Video Converter. You will see many options like Convert, Compress, Download, or Record on the window. Click on the Compress option.

Step3Add the WMV files you want to compress

You can add single or multiple WMV files for compression in the Aicoosoft video converter. Just click on the Add Files button. Browse through your computer to select a WMV file. Then click open.

It might take a second to import the files in the converter.

Step4Customize the settings to compress WMV files

You can reduce the WMV file size by modifying the compression setting. Click on Format to view the drop-down list of different formats. If you want the format of the output video as WMV then select WMV otherwise you can select any other format as well. Click on Resolution to view the drop-down list of different resolutions. Click the + or- sign to increase or decrease the size of the output video.

Step5Compress WMV file with super fast speed

After you are done with customizing the output video settings click on the Compress option. In just a few seconds you will have the reduced WMV file size with high quality. 

A dialog box will appear on the screen after the compression is complete with the option to Open Folder or Compress Again. Click on the Open Folder option to view the compress WMV file.

You can also click on the Output folder icon at the bottom of the converter to view the compress WMV files.

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a WMV file smaller?
You can make a WMV file smaller in size by compressing it. You can use WMV compressors available online for this purpose or you can simply download Aicoosoft Video Converter.
Is WMV smaller than mp4?
Yes, WMV is smaller in size than MP4. MP4 has a lossy file format it has a larger file size and takes more space on the hard disk.
Which is better WMV or AVI?
AVI has better video quality than WMV but it has a larger file size. If you are looking for a video format for online streaming with a smaller size than WMV format will work better for you.
How to compress WMV to mp4? 
You can easily compress the WMV file to an MP4 file format by using a video editor such as Aicoosoft. Simply download and open the Aicoosoft video converter, add WMV file, change the format of the output file to MP4 and click compress. Your output file will be ready in a few seconds.
Will MPEG play on DVD player?
DVD players do recognize MPEG formats and thus MPEG files can be played on a DVD.

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