Compress FLV Videos Without Loss Quality
  • Customize to compress flv videos with high quality.

  • Reduce then convert flv vidoes to any format you want.

  • Convert flv videos with 30x faster video convertersion speed.

  • Efficiently edit, download, record and enjoy your flv videos anytime anywhere.
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Why is there a need to compress FLV videos? 

When it comes to video file size matters a lot because video files can take a lot of space, can fill up your hard disk, slow your computer, and can be a complete headache while sharing with friends. FLV is one of the most famous video formats on the internet. 90% of the web visitors can view flash files and these are especially famous on websites such as Google Video, MySpace, YouTube, etc. FLV files with smaller sizes are easier to upload and share across different devices. You can also upload compressed files on the email system without any problems. So many people compress FLV files online to reduce their size. You can find the best and easiest ways to compress FLV files in this article:

Part 1. How to compress FLV video online and free?

FLV files can be compressed to small sizes by using FLV compressor because it is difficult to upload, share, or download large sized FLV files. is a free online multipurpose converter that allows conversion services for a wide range of file formats. It also allows you to convert units of measurements such as time, temperature, speed, area, etc. It is an easy tool that you can use for your professional or personal life. 
  • It is very easy to use
  • It can be used free of cost
  • If the desired video size is too small compared to your original file the compression might fail Encrypted or protected video files aren't supported by this tool
  • File upload can be very slow
  • It is a very time-consuming process
  • It has a slow video conversion speed

How to compress flv videos online

To compress flv online follow these steps:

Step1Open Online Converter

Go to the website Open the tool Compress video.

Step2Select a video file

Browse through your computer to select a FLV file. You can also select a video file having *.avi, *.wmv, *.flv, *.rmvb, *.divx, *.asf, *.mp4, *.mpg, *.mkv, etc format.

Step3Select a Video Size

BChoose a size for the desired video according to your need.


Compress FLV online by clicking on the Compress button. Once the upload is finished, you will be redirected to a web page to show the compression result. You can then download the video to your desired destination.

Part 2. The best FLV compressor to compress FLV without loss quality

No one maintains a balance between conversion speed and output quality like Aicoosoft Video Converter. Aicoosoft video converter is your best bet to compress FLV files without sacrificing on the quality. Aicoosoft Video Converter surpasses the other traditional video converters due to its superb features. It supports more than 1000 audio/video formats. You can download videos directly from 1000+ websites and record your gaming videos, teaching tutorials, etc. Even a novice can operate its simple user interface.

Key features

  • Simple and Easy to Use: It is very simple and easy to use.
  • Convenient: You can compress FLV files or other files anywhere and anytime.
  • Compress HD videos: You can easily compress HD videos of different formats such as FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI and many other formats with just a few clicks.
  • Converts HD/4K videos: You can convert HD/4K videos without any issues in the quality.
  • Supports 1000+ Formats: It supports more than 1000 formats. 
  • Download  from 1000+ sites: You can download and obtain your favorite videos from 1000+ sites.
  • 30X Super Fast Speed: It has 30X super-fast video conversion speed which makes it time-efficient.
  • Video Editor and Recorder: It also has a video editor and screen record to edit and record videos on the go.

How to compress FLVwithout losing quality?

After downloading and installing Aicoosoft video converter follow these steps to compress FLV without quality loss:

Step1Upload the FLV file

Open the Aicoosoft Video Converter. Click on Add Files to upload an FLV video file in the Aicoosoft video converter.

Browse through your computer to select a single or multiple FLV files and then select Open.

Step2Adjust Output format and Resolution

Select the format and resolution for output FLV video according to your need. You can also adjust the size of the output video by using - or + to increase or decrease the size.


To start compressing your FLV file click on the Compress button.

You can check the progress of the video as well.

Wait for a few seconds until the compression is complete. A dialog box will appear with the option to Open Folder or Compress Again. Click on the Open Folder option to locate the output files.

These three simple steps allow you to compress FLV files without compromising on the quality. You can use these compressed videos for posting on social networks or can share them with your friends and family members.

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

Does FLV use compression?
Usually, FLV files contain materials that use VP6 video compression or the Sorenson Spark formats and are encoded with codecs. The H.264 video and HE-AAC audio formats are also supported by Flash Player but all these formats are restricted by patents.
How much does FLVcompress?
FLV files can be compressed to any size according to your need by using the Aicoosoft video converter.
What is FLV good for?
FLV files are small in size so they can be easily uploaded, downloaded, or shared. FLV files can be easily played inside a webpage by using a Flash browser plug-in. Their small sizes allows them to be viewed even on a slow broadband
Is FLV smaller than mp4?
No, FLV files are a bit bigger than MP4 ( 1.22 % more or less).
What are the disadvantages of FLV?
Creating flash content can be time-consuming and costly. Search engine spiders can't recognize Flash files therefore they can't add to a site's optimization.


We would recommend our readers to be very careful while selecting a video converter online and only rely on the Aicoosoft video converter to compress FLV files because it is easy, secure, and time-efficient due to its excellent video conversion speed.

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