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If you are wondering why video converters are mandatory at present, here is an answer. Do you wish to watch videos on all devices? Well, video converters make it easy as older ones don’t handle the latest videos and codecs. Do you want to save or upload your videos on social media apps to watch them later? Now, as downloading isn’t the same as uploading videos, video converter marks its importance. These days, there are multiple online software resources to make such video conversion an easy task, but there is still a requirement for a hassle-free all-in-one video converter. As per top results and references, we have picked up three best ultimate video converters in the market, and they are none other than UniConverter, Aicoosoft, and Movavi video converter. So, suppose you are eager to find what makes the similarities and differences. In that case, we will make it easier for you by making an in-depth analysis and comparison of all three ultimate video converters.

Part 1. Comparison of the three most essential functions for an ultimate video converter

As the first phase, let’s make acomparative analysis over fullfunctionalities that an ultimate video converter should possess.

What functions you have to consider when you choose an ultimate video converter?

Here are the top 3 most essential roles to view in a leading video converter. Before choosing the video converter, one has to note the top 3 factors like video converting, video editing, and video downloading. These functions are vital because they uplift or empower your video and make it to perfection. To make it more understandable and clear, let’s discuss each of these functions in detail.

ultimate video converter comparision

Video Conversion: An all-in-one video converter should support various latest conversion formats like MOV, AVI, MP4, FLV, and oldest codecs. That will help stream the videos on multiple device platforms.

Video Editing: To make a video engaging and excellent, video editing options like filter, transition, effects, noise removal, background enhancement, and subtitles addition is required.

Video Downloading: A good video converter should support fast downloading of the converted video irrespective of its file size, devoid of any data loss, imperfections and flaws. Additionally, it should facilitate the process of downloading playlists so that they can get readily added and edited to your creation.

Comparison of these three functions of three best video converters

Now, let’s have a comparative analysis of how well our three ultimate video converters get placed or sculpt their names fixed on the three functionalities, as mentioned above.

1. Video Converting

When it comes to video conversion, you need to keep in mind specific metrics, and here is a detailed roll on how well they perform in them.

#MetricsAicoosoft video converterUniConverterMovavi video converter
1 Conversion speed 30X faster video conversion speed 30X faster conversion speed SuperSpeed conversion speed
2 Supported formats Supports over 1000+ formats and convert videos to it Supports over 1000+ video/audio formats Supports over 180+ video formats in total
3 Converting technology It provides lossless conversion technology, GPU acceleration, AI technology, and Multi-core Processor Optimization. APEXTRANS technology, multi-core processor optimization, and GPU Acceleration. It has Intel Media technology, NVIDIA ®GPU hardware acceleration, and parallel CPU.
4 HD video conversion Supports high-quality HD & 4K video conversion, and compression UniConverter supports HD conversion. Movavi supports ultra HD video conversion.

2. Video Editing

While essential editing is necessary at times in stabilizing, improving the quality of the video, and making it just right, you can get to know about some of the video editing factors that our ultimate video converters offer from their side.

Trim and Merge
  • Aicoosoft Video Converter: Although it is a standard feature, Aicoosoft offers efficient trim and merge experience with simple operation logic, accurate time, and clear display.
  • UniConverter: Supports trim and merge but are challenging to use, and the timeline display isn’t clear.
  • Movavi: Movavi offers outstanding trimming and merging tools, where the operation is more straightforward with a precise timeline.

trim - aicoosoft video converter

trim - uniconverter

Crop and Resize Videos
  • Aicoosoft Video Converter: Aicoosoft allows one to crop black edges and rotate them to share videos on small-screen playback and social media.
  • UniConverter: UniConverter offers to crop unwanted parts and resizing them.
  • Movavi: Remove camera shake, stabilize it, and smooth it out.
Add and Adjust Subtitles
  • Aicoosoft Video Converter: Aicoosoft allows one to import, add, edit the external subtitles, align, change the color, font, and size of the subtitles. One can sync the subtitles with the built-in delay feature.
  • UniConverter: UniConverter supports subtitle addition with files of .srt, and .ssa extension.
  • Movavi:Adds ready-made intro to make your video a blockbuster.
Add Watermark
  • Aicoosoft Video Converter: With Aicoosoft, one can add image or text as watermark to the video and import a specific logo.
  • UniConverter: You can watermark the video for copyright protection with the help of UniConverter.
  • Movavi: Movavi allows one to add titles and subtitles to the video.

watermark - aicoosoft video converter

watermark - uniconverter

Apply Filters & Effects
  • Aicoosoft Video Converter: Now add various stunning filters and beautiful primary effects to your video and make it adorable with Aicoosoft.
  • UniConverter: UniConverterallows you to apply various effects into the video and enhance it.
  • Movavi: With Movavi, you can add filters and transitions to spice the video up.
Adjust Built-in Background Audio
  • Aicoosoft Video Converter:Removes unwanted background buzz, improves the in-built volume as per your requirements.
  • UniConverter: One can tune-up the audio track volume and background audio.
  • Movavi: Tell stories and add memorable soundtracks or your music to the creation with Movavi.

audio - aicoosoft video converter

audio - uniconverter

Adjust video brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation
  • Aicoosoft Video Converter: Bright-up the video by adjusting various factors like hue, brightness, contrast, and saturation and preview them.
  • UniConverter: UniConverter comes up with a built-in video effect toolbox.
  • Movavi: Adjust the aspect ratio, temperature, saturation, and brightness of the video and still a lot more.
Rotate and Flip Videos
  • Aicoosoft Video Converter: In one-click, flip and rotate the video to 90, 180, and 270 degreeshorizontal/vertical without any quality loss.
  • UniConverter: Offers flipping and rotating of video clips at 270 degrees.
  • Movavi: Movavi allows one to flip, rotate videos at 360 degrees, and straighten up the image with slanted horizon levels.

3. Video Downloading

An ultimate video converter supports video download sites, playlists, batch downloads, and still a lot more.

You can get to know how well the three converters get ranked in them.

#MetricsAicoosoft video converterUniConverterMovavi video converter
1 Supported Sites It supports online video/playlists from 1000+ sites like Vimeo and YouTube. It supports over 1000+ sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. No
2 Download 4K/HD video Yes Yes No
3 Download video to MP3 Yes Yes No
4 Download/Convert files in one-click Yes Yes No
5 Batch download Yes Yes No
6 Download playlist Yes Yes No

Part 2. Comparison from the number of supported functions

Yes, you are here at our closing part, where we have made a comprehensive evaluation to find the top best all-in-one video converter from the three on the list. Before revealing the answer, we have missed out on a fundamental criterion for all of us before the ultimate video converter selection. Well, yes, the price range for software usage.

#FunctionsAicoosoft video converterUniConverterMovavi video converter
1 Video Converter Yes Yes Yes
2 Video editor Yes Yes Yes
3 Video Downloader Yes Yes No
4 Video compressor Yes Yes Yes
5 Batch download Yes Yes No
6 Video recorder Yes Yes No
7 Video player Yes Yes No
8 Audio recorder Yes Yes No
9 Screen recorder Yes Yes No
10 DVD converter Yes Yes No
11 DVD burner No Yes No
12 GIF maker Yes Yes No
13 Metadata editor Yes Yes No
14 Video transfer No Yes No

Part 3. Comprehensive evaluation based on function and price

Yes, you are here at our closing part, where we have made a comprehensive evaluation to find the top best all-in-one video converter from the three on the list. Before revealing the answer, we have missed out on a crucial criterion for all of us before the ultimate video converter selection. Well, yes, the lifetime license price range for software usage.

PriceAicoosoft video converterUniConverterMovavi video converter
Windows $49.99 $55.95 $49.95
Mac $49.99 $69.95 $49.95

Comprehensive evaluation

Based on the analysis and evaluation, we have concluded that theworthwhile ultimate all-in-one video converter is the Aicoosoft video converter.

The set of features offered by both Aicoosoft and UniConverter are more close or similar to each other. The price range of UniConverter, however, is relatively high. Below we have listed two crucial points as to why Aicoosoft would be a better choice for you.

  • With all the necessary video-related tools and handy editing functions, Aicoosoft offered at just $49.99. It is a better option to prefer when compared to UniConverter. And while the features like Video transfer and DVD burner are not practical, why would you want to spend money buying these features that you would need only occasionally or seldom.
  • Aicoosoft video converter is a better choice for you without any second thought, as you can get one software for both Windows and Mac devices at once.
    For example, if you have one Windows and two Mac devices, you can purchase one family license that will cost you only $79.99 (3 PC) in the Aicoosoft video converter. But in Movavi and Wondershare UniConverter, the condition isn’t the same as you need to buy separate licenses for different OS, i.e., two purchases for Windows and Mac, respectively. Also, the cost will be higher compared to Aicoosoft.


Hence, we have now completed the in-depth analysis and compared over three ultimate video converters (UniConverter, Aicoosoft, Movavi) that we have in store based on their attributes, price, and functionalities and at last launched in coming up to the final verdict! As per the overall evaluation, we have Aicoosoft as our top recommendation from our side to carry over all your video-related processes. It is a complete all-in-one video converter package that does awe for your imagination and makes your video stunning. Give these video converters a try today and discover the hidden artists in you to let the world see the magic of your fingers!

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